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Henry Scott, Ph.D. | Coordinator
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Professors | Levine, Lynker
Associate Professor | Scott
Senior Lecturer | Borntrager
Coordinator | Scott

About Earth and Space Science

The Earth and Space Science minor is designed to provide students with a solid geological foundation supplemented with electives of broad relevance to earth and space science. The minor may be particularly useful to those planning to pursue graduate degrees or teach in related fields, but all with an interest are welcome. No more than 3 credits may be Natural World courses at the N 190 level

Degree Offered

Minor in Earth and Space Science

Course Descriptions

Astronomy AST  |  Geology GEOL

Minor in Earth and Space Science  

Concentration Requirements (15 cr.)

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

  • GEOL-G 111 Physical Geology
  • GEOL-G 112 Historical Geology

Select three of the following electives:

  • AST-N 190 The Natural World
    VT: Worlds Outside Our Own
  • AST-N 190 The Natural World
    VT: Stars and Galaxies
  • AST-N 390 The Natural World
    VT: History of the Universe
  • GEOL-N 190 The Natural World
    VT: Geology of the National Parks
  • GEOL-N 190 The Natural World
    VT: Rocks, Gems, and Fossils
  • GEOL-G 210 Oceanography
  • GEOL-G 219 Meteorology
  • GEOL-G 413 Introduction to Geophysics

Academic Bulletins

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