Advanced Placement and Dual Credit

Advanced Placement

IU Southeast awards credit at no charge for appropriate grades on the College Board AP exams administered by participating high schools. AP score reports are received in June, and a notice is sent in July of any special credit awarded. A full list of the AP courses and the scores required for college credit is available on the Student Success Center web site.

Advanced Credit

In some instances, a student receiving advanced placement may also receive credit that may be used to satisfy graduation requirements. The standards of performance for advanced credit are higher than for advanced placement. Departmental criteria for both advanced placement and advanced credit are set by the IU Southeast faculty of the appropriate department. Standards aren't necessarily similar to standards on other IU campuses.

Students may use the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the Advanced Placement Program, the College Placement Program, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), other national tests, and/or instruments devised by IU Southeast faculty to demonstrate that they meet the standards for advanced placement and/or advanced credit.

Usually, advanced placement and advanced credit are of greatest value to new students, but other students should consult the department involved because they also may benefit from the availability of these programs. The number of advanced credit hours that will be allowed toward graduation is determined by the school or division awarding the degree.

Dual Credit

Superior students currently attending local high schools may be granted permission to enroll for certain predetermined classes at IU Southeast. Students must have completed their junior year of high school, and be on track for either an Academic Honors or Core 40 diploma. Official high school transcripts and a letter of recommendation from the high school guidance counselors, including the course in which the students intend to enroll, are required.

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