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General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees

Bulletin Year and Student Degree Requirements

This Bulletin states the general degree and major requirements for students who enter the university beginning in the fall semester of 2019 through the summer terms of 2021. Students can expect to follow degree and major requirements as stated in the Bulletin that is current at the time of his or her admission to the University.  However, should a student change degrees and/or majors during his or her time at Indiana University Southeast, the student will follow the requirements in the Bulletin which is current at the time of the change.  Students should note that the requirements for degree programs that lead to professional certification may change to stay current with certification requirements. Every effort is made to notify students of such changes.

Students who leave the university for two consecutive academic semesters or more (not including summer semesters) are expected to meet the degree and major requirements that are in effect when they resume their studies.

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