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Supervision (SUPV)
  • SUPV-S 300 Frontline Leadership (3 cr.) P: ENG-W 131. This introductory supervision course explores traditional and contemporary leadership styles used in the manager-employee relationship. Concepts include improving communication, conflict resolution, planning, organizing, and strategies for performance and productivity improvements. This course is an introduction to the front-line managerial position. It offers the student an insight into one of the most demanding jobs in the country and gives those already in that role, practical advice in handling on-the-job problems within their own organizations.
  • SUPV-S 310 Resource Planning Management (3 cr.) P: SUPV-S 300 or equivalent supervision experience. Increased competitiveness in the world today has required companies to re-evaluate how they design facilities and manage their resources. Using interactive class discussions, this course takes a visionary and proactive approach to the concepts of organizational design, process/quality management, capacity analysis, and supply chain management.
  • SUPV-S 320 Labor Relations (3 cr.) An introduction to labor relations for supervisors. The organization of labor unions and federations, certification, contracts, collective bargaining, grievances, arbitration, and labor law will be covered.

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