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Missed Class Time Policy

IUPUI gives each instructor the flexibility to determine their own attendance policy, which will be listed in the course syllabus.  Faculty are expected to provide reasonable accommodation for excused absences which can include but are not limited to:  

University Sanctioned Activities

Each academic year, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students provides faculty with a recommendation to allow students who miss class time due to university- sanctioned curricular and extracurricular activities a reasonable opportunity to submit missed assignments and take missed exams at another time without penalty.

University-sanctioned curricular and extracurricular activities are considered to be travel to, performance in, or authorized participation in: 

  • Concerts
  • Artistic presentations
  • Athletics events
  • Academic competitions
  • Workshops and conferences.

Students must communicate all excused absences to their instructor(s), in writing or via e-mail.  A student will be responsible for any missed material and for providing all necessary documentation for the excuse.

Accommodations may take the form of:

  • Alternative assignments
  • Alternative class meetings
  • Individualized instruction
  • Supplemental instruction provided by University-approved staff
  • Other arrangements as agreed upon by faculty and the student
It is your responsibility as a student to be in contact with your instructors as early as possible regarding excused absences and/or accommodations you may request.  Ultimately, it is up to you and your instructor to negotiate any course adjustments.  If adjustments cannot be made, you may need to withdraw from a course.