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Military Withdrawal

Indiana University recognizes that students who are members of the U.S. armed forces may be required to satisfy military obligations outside of their control, and often with little notice, including being called to active duty, specialized training, or disaster relief efforts. This policy covers the process of applying for, managing, and returning from a student military leave of absence when called to such duties and, where necessary, to withdraw from classes in which the student is enrolled, so as to minimize disruptions or inconveniences for students fulfilling their unanticipated U.S. military responsibilities in the midst of an academic term/session.

Leaves of Absence

Students seeking a military leave of absence will make a request in writing via the Office of Veteran’s and Military Personnel (OVMP) and provide a copy of their military orders or alternate documentation from the unit indicating that orders will be forthcoming during the academic term in which the leave will begin.

If a student is given orders that does not allow time for the student to notify the appropriate office, an individual tasked with managing the service member’s responsibilities while gone (spouse, family member, etc.) may notify the campus and the campus will determine what further actions are appropriate.

OVMP will be the primary contact with the student while on leave.

A student military leave of absence can last up to five years.

While on leave, the student’s IU computing accounts, including email, will remain active and the student will have access to necessary advising and assistance offices on campus (other than those for which a student fee is required for access).

Unless the student re-enrolls sooner, OVMP will follow up with the student on a yearly basis to confirm the student is still in active-duty military service.

Options for Withdrawal from Courses

Any qualified student called to active duty, specialized training or as part of disaster relief efforts has several options to choose from regarding the student's course work. Decisions can be made on a course-by-course basis, and all options may occur anytime during the semester through the end of final examinations.

  • Option 1: The student may withdraw from one or more courses and receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. If the withdrawal is processed after the first week of classes, the grade of W will be assigned with notation that it was for military obligations.
  • Option 2: The student may receive an incomplete grade for the course and complete the coursework in collaboration with the instructor.
  • Option 3: The student can re-enroll in the same courses with no additional tuition, student fees, or related charges for up to 4 years after the student's release from active duty.
  • Option 4: The student may receive a credit for a subsequent academic term in the amount of tuition and fees paid during the term that the student was not able to complete due to active duty.

The Office of Veterans and Military Personnel (OVMP) will serve as a single-point-of-contact for withdrawals so students will not be required to visit multiple offices.  Students should initiate any of the above options at the same time they submit their application for the leave of absence and will be asked to provide in writing which option they are electing for each course. OVMP will then work with the Registrar’s office to process the withdrawals.

The student should make the request to withdraw within one week of official notification by the military service. For requests to withdraw made after the first week of classes, the grade of W will be assigned with notation that the withdrawal was for military obligations.

Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid will be subject to the refund policies as provided for by the agencies sponsoring the aid. Many programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and the Indiana National Guard have rules that could financially affect the feasibility of various options.


The transcript for students who withdraw pursuant to this policy include a notation for that academic term or session that reads: “Withdrew due to military obligation” unless the student contacts the campus veteran services representative or campus Registrar’s office to indicate the student's preference not to have the notation.

Return from leave

Students returning from leave will contact the Office of Veterans and Military Personnel and their academic department to give notice of their intent to return.  The student will not have to reapply for admission to the university or any academic program in which the student was enrolled at the time of the leave.

The academic department will arrange for course enrollment as per its policies and practices (including notification of the Registrar’s office) and OVMP will assist with any additional return processes for the campus.

For more information, contact the Office of Veterans and Military Personnel at 420 University Blvd, Suite 268, Indianapolis, IN 46202, via phone at 317-278-9163, via e-mail at gibenefi@iupui.edu, or at https://veterans.iupui.edu/index.html.