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Biology, MS & PhD

Students must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning and demonstrate good preparation in the following subjects: Biological Sciences, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. 

A minimum graduation grade-point index of 3.00 or equivalent is required for unconditional admission.  An undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher does not guarantee admission.  Applicants with GPAs of 3.00 or slightly above will be expected to have a science course GPA of 3.00.

Transfer Students

Transfer credits from other institutions of higher learning cannot be used to replace the minimum of 9 hours of Biology Department course work required for the M.S. thesis degree. Up to 12 hours of Biology graduate credits taken at IUPUI by graduate non-degree students may be transferred to the non-thesis option.  At least half of the coursework hours in a Ph.D. program of study must be taken while enrolled at IUPUI.

Application Process


Online Application

In the online application, please make sure you complete all sections. This includes the Personal Statement, Departmental Question, and Recommendations sections. It is helpful to include your name on all typed, uploaded documents. 

In the Educational Objective Section, you must select: Academic Objectives: Biology (Purdue University)

For the Personal Statement: Provide a statement (approximately 750 words) that identifies your academic goals, career objectives, why you are applying to this specific program, and the qualifications you have that make you a strong candidate for this program. For M.S. Thesis and Ph.D. applicants, identify at least one faculty member with whom you would be interested in working.

In the Departmental Question section, you must specify which program you are pursuing. The choices are as follows: Pre-Professional Non-Thesis, M.S. Non-Thesis, M.S. Thesis, and Ph.D. Simply write a sentence saying "I am applying for the .... program." and upload it. 

The last step before submitting an on-line application is the application fee. You must pay this fee in order to submit your application.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  An email will be sent to you when our department receives your complete application. If you do not receive an application submission email within 3-4 weeks, please email or call to verify that we have it. We have several students who mistakenly select the wrong Academic Objective and their application goes to another department. It is important to check your email to verify we received your application. If your application is misdirected, it can be easily switched over to our department.

Letters of Recommendation

At least 2 letters should come from professors in previous science courses and should address the applicant’s aptitude and potential in a science program at the graduate level.

The preferred method is using the online section within the application. If you have a person who does not wish to fill out the recommendation online, he or she may write a standard letter and mail it to the department. They can also include an optional recommendation form, but it is NOT required (click here to print the form pdf file). You may call the Department of Biology at (317) 274-0577, or e-mail biograd@iupui.edu, with your address to have the optional form mailed to you. We also accept "committee packets" that universities put together for their students.

Official Transcripts

Send two (2) official copies of transcripts from all attended institutions (including any IU campus) directly to the Biology Department:

IUPUI Biology Department 
ATTN: Graduate Secretary 
723 West Michigan Street, SL 306 
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Official GRE and TOEFL Scores

(TOEFL scores are for international students only)*

The GRE and/or subject tests are not required for Ph.D. and Thesis M.S. applicants; however, if submitted, the results are added to the applicant’s file for consideration.

Only non-thesis M.S. applicants are required to take the Graduate Record Examination** (GRE) General test. Minimal score requirements for new GRE tests are as follows:

A combined GRE score of 295 for the verbal and quantitative sections
  • Verbal score of 146 or greater
  • Quantitative score of 145 or greater
  • 5 score on the analytical portion of the test

MCAT or DAT scores will be considered ONLY for the Pre-Professional Non-Thesis M.S. program. An MCAT combined total score of 497 or greater (new test) taken within the last 3 years can be submitted or a DAT total score of 17 or greater, taken within the last 3 years can be submitted.

GRE and TOEFL codes: IUPUI = 1325, Biology Department = 0203

*Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 80 (out of 120) is required. Moreover, minimum scores for specific sections are as follows: Writing – 18; Speaking – 22; Listening – 16; Reading – 19.
**To find testing sites or to find scores, visit the ETS website at www.ets.org.

Application Deadlines

Ph.D.: Priority deadline of December 15. After this date please contact the Director of Graduate Studies (Dr. AJ Baucum or email biograd@iupui.edu).

M.S. Thesis (full time with support): May 1 for Fall entry or October 1 for Spring entry

Pre-Professional Non-Thesis and M.S. Non-Thesis: August 1 for Fall entry or December 1 for Spring entry