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Bachelor of Arts Preprofessional Chemistry Major

For students who require a knowledge of chemistry as a basis for work in other fields such as business, dentistry, environmental science and policy, law, medicine, or other allied health fields. Recommended for pre-medical and pre-dentistry students.

Degree Requirements

First-Year Experience Course  Beginning freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 19 credit hours are required to take SCI-I120 Windows on Science (1 cr.) or an equivalent first-year experience course.

Area I English Composition and Communication Competency  See the School of Science requirements under “Undergraduate Programs” in this bulletin. The second semester of English composition may be satisfied only by ENG-W270, ENG-W230, ENG-W231, ENG-W233, ENG-W320, ENG-W350, TCM 22000, or TCM 32000.

Area II World Language Competency  See the School of Science requirements under “Undergraduate Programs” in this bulletin.

Area IIIA Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Understanding Competencies  See the School of Science requirements under "Undergraduate Programs" in this bulletin.

For the most current list of courses in the areas of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Understanding, please refer to the IUPUI General Education Curriculum.

Area IIIC Life and Physical Sciences Competency  PHYS-P201 and PHYS-P202 (recommended PHYS 15200 and PHYS 25100). Also, at least two additional courses outside chemistry having a laboratory component, which may be chosen from, for example, biology, geology, or physics.

Area IIID Analytical Reasoning Competency  MATH 22100 and MATH 22200 or MATH 23100 and MATH 23200 (recommended MATH 16500 and MATH 16600). One computer programming course is also required.

Note: Computer Science CSCI-N100 level courses and CIT 10600 do not count for any credit toward any degree in the School of Science. Also, CSCI-N241 and CSCI-N299 do not count in Area IIID, but may count as general electives.

Area IV Chemistry Concentration Requirements  CHEM-C105, CHEM-C125, CHEM-C106, CHEM-C126, CHEM-C294, CHEM-C310, CHEM-C311, CHEM-C325, CHEM-C341, CHEM-C342, CHEM-C343, CHEM-C344, CHEM-C360 (recommended CHEM-C361), and CHEM-C495. Recommended CHEM-C384 or CHEM-C484. A total of 34 credit hours of chemistry courses are required. The Department requires a minimum grade of C in all chemistry courses (C- grades are unacceptable).

Bachelor of Arts Preprofessional Chemistry Major Sample Program (120 cr. required):

Freshman Year
First Semester
SCI-I120 Windows on Science 1
CHEM-C105 Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHEM-C125 Experimental Chemistry I 2
MATH 22100 Calculus for Technology I or MATH 23100 Calculus for the Life Sciences I 3
ENG-W131 Reading, Writing and Inquiry 3
World Language 4
Total 16
Second Semester
CHEM-C106 Principles of Chemistry II 3
CHEM-C126 Experimental Chemistry II 2
MATH 22200 Calculus for Technology II or MATH 23200 Calculus for the Life Sciences II 3
World Language 4
2nd Written communication course 3
Total 15
Sophomore Year
Third Semester
CHEM-C341 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM-C343 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
Life and Physical Science with lab (approved elective) 5
COMM-R110 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
Arts and Humanities/Social Science (choose from list) 3
Total 16
Fourth Semester
CHEM-C342 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHEM-C344 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHEM-C294 Cornerstone in Chemistry 1
Life and Physical Science (approved elective) 5
Arts and Humanities/Social Sciences (choose from list) 3
Total 14
Junior Year
Fifth Semester
CHEM-C310 Analytical Chemistry Lecture 3
CHEM-C310 Analytical Chemistry Lab 1
PHYS-P201 General Physics I 5
Arts & Humanities or Social Sciences (choose from list) 3
Elective 3
Total 15
Sixth Semester
CHEM-C325 Intro to Instrumental Analysis 5
Computer Programming (approved course) 3
PHYS-P202 General Physics 2 5
Electives 3
Total 16
Senior Year
Seventh Semester
Electives 15
Total 15
Eighth Semester
CHEM-C360 Elementary Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM-C495 Capstone in Chemistry 1
Electives 9
Total 13