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Fees and Payment Procedures University Fees

All fees are due and payable by the due date on the student's schedule confirmation and are subject to change without notice by action of the Trustees of Indiana University. A complete listing of all fees is published for each term in the class schedule.  Extra laboratory fees may be charged when appropriate and when laboratory instruction is required.

Residency Status
The criteria for establishing in-state residency and thus qualifying for in-state fee rates are very strict. Inquiry about establishing resident status for fee purposes should be made to the registrar, who is the proper source of this information. Contact the Office of the Registrar, Campus Center, Room 250, 420 N. University Boulevard, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN 46202; phone (317) 274-1519 or visit https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/personal-information/residency.html

General Fees
In order to support programs, services, and facilities that benefit all students at IUPUI each semester students are charged a fee.  All students include every person enrolled in a credit bearing course - and may be graduate, undergraduate, full and/or part time.

Often these fees are mistaken for certain optional fees for which students may or may not choose.  This fee is not optional and must be paid by all students.

More information is available at https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/cost/tuition-fees/index.html

Late Enrollment and Late Program Change Fees
All classes are considered closed following final registration for a specific term. Schedule changes after that date are considered a special privilege and require special authorization and an additional fee. The student should refer to the appropriate class schedule for a listing of these fees.

The School of Engineering and Technology does not normally allow any student to register after 100 percent refund period. (See "Refunds" in this section of the bulletin.)

Special Credit Fees
The Trustees of Indiana University have approved the following fee structure for special credit:

  1. If the credit is awarded as a result of an examination within the first three semesters following matriculation, there is no charge.
  2. If the credit is awarded as a result of an examination and the student is a first-semester transfer student, there is a nominal fee per credit hour.
  3. If the credit is awarded as a result of an examination and the student does not meet either of the above conditions, the charge per credit hour is at the regular resident or nonresident rate.
  4. If the credit is awarded as a result of experience or credentials, the student will be charged a nominal fee per credit hour.

Auditing Fees
An audit form must be presented to the Office of the Registrar from a student's school or division to audit a course for record by going to https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/register/audit-a-course/permission-to-audit-course.html. No grades or credits are received for audits. If a course is changed from credit to audit after the first week of classes, a late program change fee will be assessed.

Students who desire an official record of auditing a particular course will be charged full tuition. Written permission from the instructor must be obtained before a student may register to audit. Courses with a laboratory component may not be audited.

Other Fees
Students may also be required to pay special fees for the following services: housing, locker rental, parking, recreation, student identification card (depending on enrollment status and anticipated use), and transcript request. A complete listing of special fees is provided each term in the IUPUI Bursar Office.

Payment Procedures
Payments must be made in cash or by bank draft, express order, postal money order, traveler's check, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover for the exact amount of fees due at the time of registration. For information about this fee payment,  refer to the IUPUI Bursar Office https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/pay-bill/index.html.

Refund credits are determined by the date the drop activity is processed by the IUPUI Office of the Registrar. For information about refunds, refer to https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/pay-bill/receive-your-refund/index.html.

To be eligible for a refund, the student must officially notify the Office of the Registrar at the time of withdrawal. Refund information for summer sessions and courses scheduled from 1 to 8 weeks in length is published on the IUPUI Bursar website at https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/pay-bill/receive-your-refund/index.html.

Financial Aid
It is the goal of IUPUI to assist students in their educational endeavors by encouraging students to apply for Financial Aid to reduce financial barriers. Financial assistance is available to admitted and enrolled students who have a demonstrated financial need. Aid is available for eligible students in the form of scholarships, grants, and work study.

Students desiring further information about any of the following financial aid programs should contact

Office of Student Financial Services
Campus Center 250
420 N. University Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5147
phone: (317) 274-4162
Web: https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/funding/apply-financial-aid/index.html

Application Procedures
Potential financial aid recipients must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available from high schools, on the Web, or at the Office of Student Financial Services.  The FAFSA becomes available October 1 of each year and should be submitted by the priority deadline of March 10.  Applications will be processed as long as funds are available.  Students who apply late should plan on finding other funds to pay for tuition and books until their financial aid applications are processed.

Financial aid awards are given on the basis of need as determined by the information supplied on the FAFSA. IUPUI students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours are eligible if need is demonstrated. The amount of the award will be less for part-time students than for full-time students; full-time student status is considered to be 12 or more credit hours. IUPUI students are eligible each year for Financial Aid.

Types of Aid
Financial aid is generally offered as a package consisting of a combination of scholarships, grants, loans, and/or work-study awards, although awards may vary with individual students. All awards are subject to the availability of funds.

Scholarship funding may be both inside and outside IUPUI.  Awards are often based on major, academic achievements and financial need.  The student does not have to repay the award.  Applications can be completed online at https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/funding/scholarships/apply-for-scholarships.html.

Grants are awarded on the basis of need only and do not have to be repaid by the student.

Student Loans
Unlike scholarships and grants, loans must be repaid. Several different student loan programs are available at IUPUI. Some are based on financial need; some are not. Interest rates and maximum awards vary by program. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for details.

Part-Time and Summer Employment
Many students who attend IUPUI are able to earn part of their expenses through part-time and summer employment. The IUPUI Office of Student Employment, 911 W. North Street, University Tower, Suite 202 (317) 274-4856, offers help in finding part-time jobs and maintains current information about part-time job opportunities. Students should contact this office for further information on employment assistance.

Work-Study Program
The Federal College Work-Study Program available at IUPUI was established by the Higher Education Act of 1965. The main purpose of the program is to provide eligible students paid work that will complement their academic programs and career aspirations. Students who have been admitted to IUPUI may apply through the Office of Student Financial Services.

Veterans Benefits
Information on benefits, including Veterans Administration paid tutorial assistance and work-study opportunities, is available from the veterans affairs representative at the Campus Center, Second floor Suite 268, 420 University Blvd., IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN 46202; (317) 278-9163, or visit https://veterans.iupui.edu/.