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BSN Honors Study Option

The IU School of Nursing partners with the IUPUI Honors College to offer exceptionally talented BSN traditional track students the opportunity to participate in the BSN honors program. You will gain hands-on experience in research, develop leadership skills, work with nursing research leaders, and connect with a faculty mentor. Your participation in this program prepares you for graduate study and participation in healthcare research.  Students admitted to the IUPUI Honors College prior to School of Nursing admission who meet minimum GPA requirements are eligible for the BSN honors program. 

Why pursue the nursing honors program? You will:
  • Gain an introduction and exposure to the field of research
  • Discover the importance of research to the discipline and practice of nursing
  • Partner with faculty research mentors and participate in research teams
  • Prepare and present a research poster and/or presentation
  • Submit results from the study for publication
IUSON Honors Program Study Requirements
For a copy of the latest IU School of Nursing Honors Program curriculum please contact the School of Nursing Center for Academic Affairs at 317-274-2806, or visit us in Nursing Building room 122.

Last updated April 2021