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BSN Accelerated Second Degree Track

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Accelerated Second Degree track is designed for students who have earned a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field and want to pursue a nursing career. The program moves at a fast pace - 4 semester year round of full-time study - with a concept-based, cutting-edge curriculum that prepares you for a career as a professional nurse. 

You will work with nursing faculty in the school and expert nurse preceptors in the community as part of the clinical and practical experiences of the program, gaining exposure to hospital and community-based nursing. In addition, you will participate in simulation exercises and interprofessional education experiences with IU students in other healthcare fields. 

BSN Accelerated Second Degree Track Sample Curriculum Plan

Semester One Credits
Promoting Healthy Populations (NURS B237) 3
Health Assessment Lab (NURS B245) 2
Fundamentals of Nursing Practice (NURS B260) 5
Pathophysiology & Pharmacology for Nursing (NURS B261) 4
Comprehensive Health Assessment (NURS B247) 3
Total Credits 17
Semester Two Credits
Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (NURS R375) 3
Transitional Care of Families & Populations (NURS B334) 5
Professionalism in Collaborative Practice (NURS B253) 3
Biophysical Processes (NURS H356) 5
Total Credits 16
Semester Three Credits
Interactive Processes (NURS H360) 5
Adaptive Processes (NURS H371) 5
Leadership in Healthcare Delivery and Policy (NURS L330) 4
Healthcare Ethics (S474) 3
Total Credits 17
Semester Four Credits
Complex Processes (NURS H476) 5
Capstone (NURS S483) 3
Managing Transitions Across Care Environments (NURS B445) 3
Second Degree Synthesis for Professional Nursing (NURS S489) 3
Total Credits 14

*This includes 56 total general education and prerequisite credits


Last updated April 2021