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Academic Standing & Progression

After admission to the BSN Program, placement in nursing courses for the academic year is based on a priority ranking system.

Good Standing

Students who maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 and earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in all required general education and didactic courses and a grade of “S” in all required practicum/clinical courses and are progressing normally will be considered in good standing.

Out of Sequence (OOS)

A student who has maintained the minimum cumulative GPA, and earned a passing grade in all required courses, but who has interrupted his/her course of study, or is in part time study in tracks in which a dictated full time progression plan is in place (e.g. not applicable to RN to BSN students whose plan of study is flexible). This includes:

  • Students transferring in to IUSON are out of sequence: 
    • Temporary transfer students are always considered out of sequence.
    • Permanent transfer students are out of sequence until such time as they have beenplaced in a permanent seat in a cohort.
  • Students who have withdrawn from required courses for any reason are out of sequence until the student has successfully completed the courses that he/she has withdrawn from.

  • Students who have opted to sit out from required courses for any reason are out of sequence until the student has successfully completed a full semester upon return.

Note: Once an out of sequence student has been permanently placed in a new cohort in full timestudy, (and after one initial successful semester following the interruption or transfer) he/she is no longer out of sequence (and is in good standing). Part time students are always out of sequence.

Students who have interrupted their program of study for any reason or desiring transfer to an IUSON core school are required to submit a written request to the chairperson of the BSN C/SA Admission,Progression, and Graduation (APG) Committee. Students seeking reentry should make their request(received by the APG committee) by March 15 for fall semester and September 15 for spring. All requests for reentry will be evaluated on the basis of the availability of resources. Reentry of students who have interrupted their study for any reason is not guaranteed. Students who reenter must adhere to the policies and curriculum of the School of Nursing that are in effect at the time of reentry. Transfer students should refer to the student transfer policies for details (AFS-32 Student Permanent Transfer;AFS-33 Student Temporary Transfer; AFS-34 Student Permanent Transfer from Other University; AFS-67 Student Permanent Transfer within the Core).

Please refer to School of Nursing Policy AFS-21 BSN Academic Standing.

For more details, please see IUSON Box site for policy https://iu.box.com/iuson-policies.

Last updated April 2019

Progression in coursework in the nursing major
Nursing courses must be taken in the sequence indicated in the curriculum plan. A student must complete the entire level of nursing courses before progressing to the next level. Permission to take a course outside of the planned sequence must be approved by the APG committee.
Academic Probation
Students enrolled in the Indiana University School of Nursing BSN Program will be placed on academic probation when any of the following conditions exist: 
  1. The cumulative GPA falls below “C” (2.0) 

  2. The semester GPA falls below “C” (2.0)  

  3. A grade below “C” (2.0) has been received in a required didactic course, or a grade of “F” has been earned in a required practicum/clinical course-this includes required general education courses, as well as nursing major courses. 

  4. A Failing grade may be given for the following: 
    1. failure to meet course objectives; 
    2. academic dishonesty, misconduct, or personal misconduct as defined by IndianaUniversity;
    3. unsafe clinical behavior: including (but not limited to) HIPAA violations, breaking agency policies, breaking course rules related to clinical behavior.
Students who are on Academic Probation shall:
  1. Meet with a designated academic advisor for the home campus at least three sessions, adhering to posted timeline for completing meetings. Walk in meetings are not acceptable. Each campus may specify one or more group meetings that may count in this process. The purpose of the meetings is to plan for academic success. Students may not register until they complete the three meetings, and each campus will set timing parameters that are required to ensure that students are engaged early in the semester and not simply rushing in late in a semester.

  2. Complete a required plan for tutoring/remediation during the time period in which he/she is on probation. This plan is completed with the designated faculty or professional staff person by campus. Students on academic probation will not be released to register for the next semester until these conditions have been fully met and met with advisor.
Academic Probation will be removed and a student returned to “good standing” when all of the following conditions exist:  
  1. The cumulative GPA returns to “C” (2.0) or higher. 

  2. The semester GPA is “C” (2.0) or higher. 

  3. A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) has been received in the required didactic courses completed, and a grade of “S” has been earned in the required practicum/clinical courses completed. All other specific conditions, if required, have been met.

  4. The student has secured a permanent placement in a new cohort.

Note: Students who have been dismissed and reinstated will remain on academic probation throughout the remainder of the program.

Please refer to School of Nursing Policy AFS-21 BSN Academic Standing.

For more details, please see IUSON Box site for policy https://iu.box.com/iuson-policies.

Last updated April 2020