IUPUI Bulletins » Schools » Herron School of Art and Design » Undergraduate » Student Learning Outcomes » Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (B.F.A.)

Students having completed this program will. . .

  • Identify and analyze a problem space through multiple points of view.
  • Work with diverse groups of users to clarify needs and goals relevant to end users of design outcomes.
  • Explore potential solutions to a problem through widely divergent iterations and prototyping.
  • Develop form that reflects understanding of relevant elements, both formal and contextual, resulting in solutions that are appropriate for the intended communication and audience.
  • Synthesize solutions from concept through execution.
  • Discuss and/or write analysis of visual communication work, either their own or that of others.
  • Select and utilize appropriate software, diverse media, techniques, and tools to effectively communicate intended communication.
  • Organize and present work visually and orally with a professional demeanor.