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Graduates of a Fine Arts program will achieve the following:

1. Demonstrate technical and conceptual proficiency with the materials and media associated with their major, and related media. (Varies by major)

2. Work and engage with diverse communities through persona and co-creative activities.

3. Explore new and different ideas and approaches and reconsider familiar or more traditional ways of thinking.

4. Describe historic and contemporary art directions, movements, and theory and place their own artwork in a contemporary context

5. Develop a personal aesthetic that will be demonstrated in the characteristics of their artwork, writing, and speech. (Varies for Drawing and Illustration majors.)

6. Write, speak, and effectively critique their own work and the work and ideas of others in a theoretically and historically informed manner.

7. Apply knowledge and experience of art in a professional context, and utilize best practices and ethics held by the profession.

Please refer to the Herron website for the versions of these common learning outcomes defined for specific majors.