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Students having completed this program will. . .


  • Describe and apply a substantial interdisciplinary body of knowledge related to their own art historical traditions and the traditions of others.
  • Recognize the variety of images, objects, and practices studied in art history and the varied materials and techniques used to create them.
  • Distinguish between a personal response to works of art and interpretations grounded in research.
  • Compare, contrast, and classify objects based on form, content, and context.
  • Evaluate visual and material culture using formal analysis.
  • Analyze and interpret visual and material culture using a variety of theoretical frameworks.
  • Describe connections and differences between visual and material culture and social contexts across history and throughout the world.
  • Recognize how the circulation of people, materials, and ideas affect artistic styles, techniques, and ways of thinking across different regions and time periods in global and local contexts.
  • Demonstrate how artworks and interpretations change through time.
  • Conceive of and carry out research involving: formulating a question; gathering information; critically evaluating information; making an argument; and defending a conclusion in speech and in writing.
  • Apply their visual literacy to make informed and ethical judgments.
  • Work independently and with others to examine and reflect on visual and material culture.