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IUPUI Honors College and Science Honors

The IUPUI Honors College is open to students in both the Purdue and Indiana University degree programs. Students with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 after their first full academic year of work, entering freshmen with a minimum combined math and verbal (critical reading) SAT score of 1310 or ACT of 28, and those with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 (weighted) are invited to apply for the Honors Program. The deadline to apply for entering Freshman is November 15.  Continuing students will apply via Science Honors.  Applications for Science Honors are due mid-April each year. Students must have at least four semesters remaining after admission to complete the Science Honors program. Students with a GPA of more than 3.5 who are not enrolled in Honors College may be permitted to take honors courses. They should, however, discuss the matter with their academic advisor and the Honors College before doing so.

In general, students may take no more than 6 credit hours of honors coursework each semester. Students may earn honors credit by taking special Honors College courses (HON H300, HON H399, HON H400), by taking specially designed honors course sections, by doing special overseas or internship work, or by contracting for honors credit using an H-Option contract in conjunction with regular classes.

H-Option contracts are the most popular and frequent way that students earn honors credit. An H-Option requires that a student work out with the instructor of a course a specific contract for a paper, field project, oral presentation, etc., early in the semester. The contract is not merely an extension of the regular class work, but an opportunity not provided by regular assignments. The Honors College reviews all contracts prior to students beginning projects.

In order to receive an honors notation at graduation, students must complete 24 hours of honors coursework with at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA.  For students entering the Honors College via Science Honors, 12 of the required 24 hours must be science courses.  In order to remain in good honors academic standing, students also must maintain a 3.3 semester and cumulative GPA, enroll in honors coursework each semester, achieve a B or higher in all honors courses, and take honors coursework each fall and spring semester.

For additional information, contact the IUPUI Honors College, 0124 University Library, 755 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5164; phone (317) 274-2660; https://honors.iupui.edu.