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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a Post-Masters 37-41 credit hour professional doctorate with an Executive Leadership focus. Graduates of the program are prepared to assume leadership positions in nursing and health care, both at system and direct patient care levels. Graduates contribute to quality improvement and patient safety through systems thinking, reflective practice, informatics, translation science, and evidence-based clinical practice. For more information about the program and the application process, please visit the IU School of Nursing DNP web site.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Doctor of Nursing Practice curriculum is built on Program Learning Outcomes that will advance knowledge, skills, and abilities as you progress through the DNP program.  Graduates of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program will:

  • Use executive leadership knowledge and skills to advance population health, enhance safety and quality, and disseminate new knowledge in complex systems
  • Create value through novel practice change, translation of evidence, appropriation of resources, and performance improvement.
  • Synthesize multiple sources of information to transform clinical practice and design sustainable new models of care and/or care delivery systems
  • Advocate for diverse patient, family, and community health by actively engaging in design, implementation, and evaluation of health policy at multiple levels
  • Integrate ethical obligations, legal and regulatory recommendations, professional standards, practice guidelines, and professional accountability in own practice
  • Apply interprofessional collaborative relationships to promote cultures of inclusion, inquiry, professional governance, and ongoing partnership
DNP Curriculum (37-41 total credits)
Course Number Course Title Credits
NURS-D 615 Performance Improvement & Patient Safety in Health Systems 3
NURS-D 650 Data Analysis for Administrative and Clinical Decision Making 3
NURS-D 709 Executive Leadership Practicum 1
NURS-D 710 Analytical thinking for Evidence Based Practice 3
NURS-D 721 Advanced Leadership in Complex Systems 3
NURS-D 722 Theoretical Basis of Project Implementation and Evaluation 3
NURS-D 735 Population Health Surveillance & Management​ 3
NURS-D 743 Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Influencing Public Health Policy 3
NURS-D 744 Strategic Resource Management in Nursing & Health Systems 3
NURS-D 748 Leading Patient-Centered Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Environments  3
NURS-D 750 DNP Project Planning 1-2
NURS-D 760 DNP Project Implementation 2-4
NURS-D 770 DNP Project Evaluation & Dissemination 3-4
Elective 3

Last updated April 2019