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The educational program in cytotechnology through the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is located on the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis campus at the IU Health Pathology Laboratory Building.

Description of the Profession  Cytotechnology is a medical laboratory specialty in which microscopic studies of exfoliated, abraded, and aspirated cells from the human body are performed. The cytotechnologist studies cell samples from various body sites to detect cellular changes indicative of cancer. In providing a means of early detection, cytology makes possible the early diagnosis of cancer, thus increasing the chances of a cure. Cytology also serves as a prognostic tool during the course of cancer treatment programs. In addition, it aids in establishing the diagnosis of benign disease processes, such as endocrine disorders, and in detecting some pathogenic microorganisms.

Graduates of the Program  The Cytotechnology Program is designed to provide its graduates with a comprehensive, fundamental knowledge of clinical cytology that will enable them to function as competent Cytotechnologists and will provide a basis for continuing education and professional growth. Graduates will be eligible for the certification examination administered by the Board of Certification leading to certification and registration in Cytotechnology with the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Graduates should be prepared for management, supervisory, and educational responsibilities and should seek ways to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in clinical cytology. The program is designed to prepare graduates to realize their position in the total health care structure and understand their legal, ethical, and moral responsibilities to the employers and communities they serve. Cytotechnologists normally practice in hospitals, laboratories, or research laboratories.

Credential Required to Practice  B.S.; CT(ASCP), Cytotechnology certification by the Board of Certification: American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Scholarships  Students interested in scholarship information for the professional year should contact the program office.

For further information, contact:
William Crabtree, Ph.D., SCT(ASCP), Director
Phone: (317) 491-6221
E-mail: wcrabtre@iupui.edu

Mailing Address:
Cytotechnology Program
IU Health Pathology Laboratory, Room 6002J
350 W 11th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-4108

Updated: March 2018