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IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law


Contact Information
Indiana University
Robert H. McKinney School of Law
Lawrence W. Inlow Hall
530 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3225
Tel. 317-274-8523
Fax: 317-274-3955
Hot Line: 317-274-8611

Dean's Office
Andrew R. Klein
Dean and Paul E. Beam Professor of Law
E-mail: anrklein@iupui.edu
Tel. 317-274-2581
Fax: 317-274-3955

Office of Student Affairs
Chasity Q. Thompson
Interim Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Tel. 317-278-3001
Fax: 317-278-4780

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Patricia Kinney
Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
Tel: (317) 274-7878

Office of Academic and Bar Success
Michele Cooley
Director of Academic and Bar Success
Tel: 317-278-5223

Technology Services
Terri Cuellar
Director of Technology Services
Tel. 317-278-1569
Fax: 317-274-3955

Ruth Lilly Law Library
Miriam A. Murphy, Director
E-mail: lawlibry@iupui.edu
Front Desk: 317-274-4028
Ref. Desk: 317-274-4026
Hours: 317-274-4027
Fax: 317-274-8825

Office of External Affairs
Jonna Kane MacDougall
Assistant Dean for External Affairs
Tel. 317-274-1908
Fax: 317-278-4790

Office of Development
Nan Edgerton
Assistant Dean for Development
Phone: (317) 274-8147
Fax: 317-278-4790

Office of Professional Development
Sonja Rice
Interim Assistant Dean for Professional Development
Phone: (317) 274-8043
Fax: 317-278-4775

Law School Clinic
Cynthia Baker
Director of Experiential Learning
Tel. 317-278-2357
Fax: 317-278-4785

Business Office
Virginia (Ginny) Marschand
Assistant Dean of Finance &
Tel. 317-274-8814
Fax: 317-274-3955



Last Updated: May, 2019.