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Honors Student Organizations

Honors College Student Council

The Honors College Student Council is the student voice for all honors scholars. It connects and supports the development of IUPUI Honors College student organizations to develop a collaborative community of students in the IUPUI Honors College. Executive officer positions, class representatives, and honors student organization representatives comprise the general assembly and working body of the student council.

Honors Tower Council

The Honors Tower Council provides opportunities for first-year students living in the honors residential community at University Tower to practice leadership skills among their peers. The Honors Tower Council designs and promotes community building and educational events and helps connect residential students to the Honors College community and the campus community at large.

Honors Housing Council

The Honors Housing Council provides leadership opportunities and serves students living in the honors section of the Riverwalk Apartments. The Honors Housing Council facilitates community building and educational and social events for students living in the honors apartments. The Honors College maintains an on-site office for resident assistants to provide support for honors residents.

Honors Adventure Club

The Honors Adventure Club plans regular outdoor and adventurous activities. Events such as caving, camping, canoeing, skiing, laser tag, and a poly-holiday party are some examples of how students are engaged outside of the classroom. Leadership positions are available to all honors scholars.

Honors Arts and Culture Society

The Honors Arts and Culture Society coordinates adventures to explore the diverse cultural experiences Indianapolis has to offer. Museum visits, international cuisine, symphony performances, and cultural festivals are some of the activities offered by the society. This group is open to all students.

Academics for Civic Engagement (ACE)

The mission of Academics for Civic Engagement is to provide leadership and to inspire action in the area of civic engagement for the IUPUI Honors College. ACE builds long-term relationships through a committed membership; increased awareness of current issues; and active, ongoing interaction with the Indianapolis community. Participation in ACE is open to all honors scholars, and leadership opportunities are available.