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Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Student graduating with a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology will demonstrate the following learning outcomes.

Goal 1: Knowledge Base in Psychology

  Student Learning Outcomes

     1.1 Describe key concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychology

     1.2 Demonstrate working knowledge of psychology’s content domains (biological, developmental, cognitive, social)

     1.3 Describe how concepts, principles, and themes in psychology are applied to individual, social, and organizational issues

Goal 2: Scientific Inquiry

  Student Learning Outcomes

     2.1 Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena

     2.2 Demonstrate psychology information literacy

     2.3 Interpret, design, and gain experience in conducting basic psychological research

Goal 3: Critical Thinking

  Student Learning Outcomes

     3.1 Generate essential questions to solve problems

     3.2 Gather and assess relevant information to come to well-reasoned conclusions

     3.3 Recognize and assess assumptions and biases of self and others

Goal 4: Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World

  Student Learning Outcomes

     4.1 Apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice

     4.2 Build and enhance interpersonal relationships

     4.3 Exhibit respect for members of diverse groups

Goal 5: Communication

  Student Learning Outcomes

     5.1 Demonstrate effective writing for different purposes

     5.2 Exhibit effective presentation skills for different purposes

     5.3 Demonstrate professionalism in formal and informal communication with others

Goal 6: Professional Development

  Student Learning Outcomes

     6.1 Apply psychological content and skills to career goals

     6.2 Exhibit self-efficacy and self-regulation

     6.3 Develop meaningful professional direction for life after graduation