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Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor Science in Geology

Broad Earth Sciences Undergraduate Program Goals

Upon graduating, students with an undergraduate degree in Geology (BA and BS or Environmental Science (BSES) will:

  • gain access to employment in professions of their choosing related to Earth Science, Science Education, and/or Environmental Science (BSG, BAG, BSES);
  • gain acceptance to reputable graduate programs in the Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, or a program of their choosing (BSG, BSES); and
  • successfully complete state and/or national professional competency examinations in Earth Sciences (BSG, BAG). 

Student Learning Outcomes for BA and BS in Geology

Students who graduate with a BA or BS Degree will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Solve earth science problems using the scientific method and critical thinking.
  2. Describe spatial and temporal variations in Earth processes through modeling, mapping, observation and measurement.
  3. Understand the evolution of physical Earth and life as reflected in the geologic time scale.
  4. Understand the structural and chemical controls on the physical properties and behavior of Earth materials.
  5. Evaluate how physical, chemical and biological cycles are integrated into Earth systems from the local to global scale.
  6. Understand how events of the geologic past control the current distribution of resources.
  7. Assess the impact of physical and chemical cycles on human health and welfare.
  8. Evaluate impacts and potential mitigation strategies for natural hazards, resource utilization, climate and environmental change.
  9. Demonstrate competence in communicating Earth science problems to a broad audience through written, oral and visual means.
  10. Understand the interdependence of the diverse sub-disciplines of Earth science.