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Medical Imaging Technology


Before entering the program, students must complete the following minimum prerequisites. Students should consult with their academic advisors for appropriate courses and semester sequence in order to complete prerequisites. Prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of Summer Session II  prior to entry.  Equivalent prerequisites may be taken at any accredited college or university.  The code “GE” indicates a course that meets the campus’ General Education core.

Approved courses that meet the General Education core can be found at this section of the Division of Undergraduate Education website.

General Education Areas

Core Communication, Two Courses: 
---English Composition (GE)
---Speech Communication (GE)

6 cr.
Cultural Understanding Elective (GE) 3 cr.
Social Sciences - Introductory Psychology (GE) 3 cr.
Arts/Humanities Elective (GE) 3 cr.

2nd Arts/Humanites or Social Science Elective (GE)
(Must have two courses from one of the above areas)

3 cr.

College Mathematics (GE)
(College Algebra & Trig Preferred)

3 cr.
Statistics (GE) 3 cr.

Life and Physical Sciences:
---Human Anatomy or Human Biology I (GE)
---Human Physiology or Human Biology II (GE)

6 cr.

This area is complete for applicants who have earned 60 college credit hours in radiography (Only 41 hours required for entry in the ultrasound track).

Students who received their radiography education without transferable university credit and who have full credentials in radiography (ARRT) will be awarded 40 credits for their credential. A copy of the Special Credit Policy is available upon request. Each applicant will be evaluated individually.

Students must select additional courses in radiography or in areas that support, complement, or extend their radiography background if the semester hours don't meet the 90 credit hour admission criteria.

Updated: March 2018