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The vision of the Indiana University School of Medicine Health Professions Programs is to be a nationally recognized leader in health professions education, research, and service, while preparing an array of high-quality health care professionals in Indiana.

The Indiana University School of Medicine Health Professions Programs have a long tradition of academic excellence. The major purpose of the Health Professions Programs is to provide quality degree programs in the health professions to meet the needs of the people of the state of Indiana. In fulfilling their fundamental purpose, the Health Professions Programs seek to develop and maintain a scholarly and competent faculty capable of achieving the following goals:

  • To build upon sound principles of general education by preparing students to communicate effectively, exhibit quantitative skills, think critically, integrate and apply knowledge, exhibit intellectual depth and breadth, be intellectually adaptive, appreciate societal and cultural diversity, and apply ethical standards and values to professional practice.
  • To provide undergraduate degree programs that offer education related to the provision and management of health services by the various health professions.
  • To contribute to the advancement of knowledge through research.
  • To provide continuing education for health professions practitioners wishing to further their career development.
  • To foster the development of lifelong habits of scholarship and service among faculty and students.

In addition to the mission of the collective programs, each program has its own mission statement, which can be found on the web site devoted to the program. Please see the appropriate web site or contact individual programs for further information.

Updated: April 28, 2016