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Certificate Programs

The graduate Certificate in Teaching Literature is a structured, 20-hour program designed for licensed middle school and high school teachers, current M.A. students, and university and college faculty in literature and other subject areas who wish to enhance their professional teaching careers.  Credits earned toward the certificate can be applied to an MA in English upon acceptance into that degree program. 

The certificate offers students an opportunity to explore the theories and best practices that promote learning and strengthen professional mentorship of area teachers.  The certificate requires completion of five graduate courses including two core courses and three electives.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the certificate program requires only one of the following:

  1. State certification in middle school or high school teaching;
  2. Current enrollment as a graduate student at IUPUI;
  3. Successful completion of an M.A. degree or higher at an accredited university; 
  4. Successful completion of a B.A. with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0) or the equivalent from an accredited institution.

An online application with instructions is available via the English Department’s website. For more information on how to apply, see the contact information.

Program Requirements

Students will earn the certificate by satisfactorily completing five graduate courses, or a minimum of 20 credit hours. The five courses consist of two core course and three elective courses. Major topics include instructional issues in language learning; socio-psycholinguistic applications for reading instruction, theories of literary analysis, methods of literary research and study, surveys of American and British literature, additional surveys of adolescent and children’s literature, multicultural literature, colonial and postcolonial literature, and women’s literature.


Core course (8 credit hours/2 courses)

  • ENG-L 503: Teaching of Literature
  • ENG-L 508: Practicum of Teaching Literature
Elective courses (12 credit hours total, up to 6 credits of which may be School of Education courses)

English electives (4 credits each):

  • ENG-L 506: Introduction to Methods of Criticism and Research
  • ENG-L 606: Topics in African American Literature
  • ENG-L 625: Readings in Shakespeare
  • ENG-L 635: Readings in American Ethnic Literature and Culture
  • ENG-L 641: Studies in British Literature before 1900
  • ENG-L 643: Readings in Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature
  • ENG-L 649: Studies in British Literature since 1900
  • ENG-L 650: Studies in American Literature before 1900
  • ENG-L 655: Studies in American Literature since 1900
  • ENG-L 657: Readings in Literary and Critical Theory
  • ENG-L 666: Survey of Children’s Literature
  • ENG-L 673: Studies in Women and Literature
  • ENG-L 680: Special Topics in Literary Study and Theory

 Variable credit hour courses (1-4 credits):

  •  ENG-L 695: Individual Readings in Literature

School of Education electives (3 credits each, up to 6 credits total)

  • EDUC-L 500: Instructional Issues in Language Learning
  • EDUC-L 502: Socio-Psycholinguistic Applications for Reading Instruction
  • EDUC-L 535: Teaching Adolescent Literature

Other graduate courses in literature or related fields as approved by certificate director.

For more information, please contact the English Department Graduate Certificate Coordinator.