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Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science

To pursue a degree in Media Arts and Science, you must first apply and be accepted to IUPUI.

You’ll then want to sit down with one of our undergraduate advisors to review the program’s plan of study and find out what courses to take.

You’ll likely start with N100 Foundations of New Media, where you’ll be introduced to the evolution of digital media and begin exploring your particular interest areas with hands-on projects.

Specialty Areas

From there, you’ll take additional core courses and electives in your chosen specialty area(s), becoming fluent in the use of contemporary media tools and project management principles. A specialty area is your opportunity to customize your education in those aspects of media and production best-suited for your career goals. Specialty areas include:

  • 3-D Graphics and Animation
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Game Design and Development
  • Video Production and Sound Design
  • Web Design and Development

Learn more about our specialty areas.

Capstone Project

With your skills sets firmly in place, you’ll design and complete a faculty-mentored capstone project during your final semester. Your capstone project signals your readiness to graduate and represents the culmination of your knowledge and skill within your chosen specialty area(s).

And as a graduating senior, you’ll showcase that education and passion to your fellow classmates, family, faculty, alumni and visiting employers during the School of Informatics and Computing Capstone Event held at the close of each semester.

Learn more about upcoming Capstone Events you can attend, as well as examples of past student capstones.

Last updated: 04/23/2018