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 The Ph.D. in Informatics with Data Science specialization is a 90-credit-hour program that prepares students to address data research problems with inventive and creative solutions that generate new knowledge through studies that demonstrate a high degree of intellectual merit and the potential for broader impact. The Ph.D. curriculum also prepares students to make research contributions that advance the theory and practice of data science.

The program includes core courses, methods courses, your choice of minor, qualifying examinations and a dissertation.

Core Courses (24 cr.)

Methods Courses, choose six (18 cr.)

  • CSCI 55200 Data Visualization
  • NURS-L 650 Data Analysis for Clinical and Administrative Decision-Making (3 cr.)
  • NURS-R 612 Interpretive Data Analysis (2 cr.)
  • PBHL-B 515 Biostatistics Practicum (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-B 527 Introduction to Clinical Trials (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-B 546 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-B 621 Advanced Statistical Computing (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-B 636 Advanced Survival Analysis (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-B 646 Advanced Generalized Linear Models (3 cr.)
  • PSY 60000 Statistical Inference (3 cr.)
  • PSY 60100 Experimental Design (3 cr.)
  • PSY 60800 Measurement Theory and Interpret Data (3 cr.)
  • PSY 64000 Survey of Social Psychology I (3 cr.)
  • PSY-I 643 Field Methods & Experiments (3 cr.)
  • SOC-R 551 Quantitative Methods (3 cr.)
  • SOC-R 559 Intermediate Soc. Statistics (3 cr.)
  • STAT 51100 Statistical Methods 1 (3 cr.)
  • STAT 51200 Applied Regression Analysis (3 cr.)
  • STAT 51600 Basic Probability Applications (3 cr.)
  • STAT 51900 Introduction to Probability (3 cr.)
  • STAT 52100 Statistical Computing (3 cr.)
  • STAT 52200 Sampling and Survey Techniques
  • STAT 52400 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3 cr.)
  • STAT 52500 Generalized Linear Model (3 cr.)
  • STAT 52800 Mathematical Statistics I (3 cr.)
  • STAT 52900 Applied Decision Theory and Bayesian Statistics (3 cr.)
  • STAT 53600 Introduction to Survival Analysis (3 cr.)
  • STAT 61900 Probability Theory (3 cr.)
  • STAT 62800 Advanced Statistical Inference (3 cr.)

Specialization (18 cr.)

  1. Disciplinary Affinities (0–6 cr.)
  2. Minor (12–18 cr.)
Qualifying Examination – Written

All students will take a written qualifying examination that covers the core courses (CORE A and B). The examination will be set by a group of faculty who are familiar with the content of the core courses. Examinations will be offered in August. Examinations must be completed by the beginning of the student’s fourth year in the program but can be completed before that time when the core courses are completed. Students who do not successfully complete the examination can retake the examination a second time.

Qualifying Examination – Oral
  1. The oral examination will take place after the student successfully passes the written exam. Students must pass both the written and oral exam before passing on to candidacy. Only two attempts to pass the oral examination will be allowed.
  2. The oral exam will be based on the student’s response to the written exam and any material from the core courses.
Dissertation Proposal

This is an oral review that covers in-depth knowledge of the student’s primary research area and dissertation proposal. The research proposal for dissertation must be approved by the student’s research committee. That committee may have the same membership as the program committee or the students may choose different members. The advisor for the dissertation will be a faculty member in the School of Informatics and Computing and a member of the Graduate Faculty. At least one the three members of the committee will be based outside of the school. The student will defend the thesis proposal at a public colloquium in the school. The review should be completed within one-year after passing the Qualifying Examinations.

Dissertation (30 cr. minimum)

Please refer to the IUPUI Graduate School Bulletin for more details on the dissertation process.

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