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Degree Programs
Master of Art Education

The Masters of Art Education Degree

The Masters of Art Education (MAE) Program strengthens and revitalizes student artistic and professional experience. The underlying philosophy of the program is a strong belief in the artist-teacher. Course work for this degree is divided equally between art content (studio, history, criticism, and aesthetics) and professional methodology. Degree requirements must be completed within five years from the time the first classes are taken. Graduates are expected to maintain a 3.3 GPA or higher in graduate course work. Any graduates with a GPA of lower than 3.0 are subject to probation and dismissal.

Students wanting to enter the graduate program at the Herron School of Art and Design must apply online or by mail. A statement of professional goals, two professional recommendations may be submitted in the online application. A portfolio of studio work should be mailed to Graduate Admissions at the Herron School of Art and Design. Students holding an undergraduate degree in visual art, but not certification requirements of the Indiana Professional Standards Board, must complete these requirements through the certification courses in the BAE. To be accepted to the MAE program, the student must have a teaching certificate in art or be working toward this concurrently with the MAE, a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, and must pass the portfolio review

Academic Requirements Distributive


Select from 500-level courses in:

  • Studio Art
  • Art History/Criticism

Total: 18 cr. hrs.

Note: All graduate students must consult with the appropriate faculty advisor to determine the distribution of credit.

Advanced Art Education

Choose four classes from:

  • HER-Z 500 Advanced Art Education
  • HER-Z 510 Art for Teachers of Exceptional Children
  • HER-Z 511 Non studio Approaches to Art Instruction
  • HER-Z 512 Improving Studio Instruction in Art
  • HER-Z 513 Special Topics in Art Education
  • HER-Z 532 Curriculum and Assessment in Art Education
  • HER-Z 590 Directed Independent Study in Art Education
  • HER-Z 700 Practicum in Art Education
  • HER-R 511 Research in Art Education

Total: 12 cr. hrs.

Choose two classes from:

Educational Psychology

  • EDUC-P 510 Psychology in Teaching
  • EDUC-P 516 Adolescent Development
  • EDUC-P 540 Learning and Cognition in Education
  • EDUC-P 515 Child Development
  • EDUC-P 525 Psychological Issues in Education

Educational History and Theory

  • EDUC-H 504 History of American Education
  • EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues
  • EDUC-H 530 Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC-H 538 Critical Thinking and Education

Educational Inquiry

  • EDUC-Y 501 Statistical Methods Applied to Education
  • EDUC- Y507 Testing in the Classroom

Total: 6 cr. hrs.

Total: 36 cr. hrs.

*Most Professional Art Education courses are offered in the summer sessions.

Last Update: December 2013