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Grading Policy

Below is the undergraduate grading policy of the School of Education as approved by the faculty.

A Extraordinary high achievement; shows unusually complete command of the subject matter; represents an exceptionally high degree of originality and creativity.**
A- Exceptionally thorough knowledge of the subject matter; outstanding performance, showing strong analytical abilities.
B+ Significantly above average understanding of material and quality of work.
B Very good, solid, above average under-standing of material and quality of work.
C+ Good, acceptable performance.
C Satisfactory quality of work.
C- to D Unacceptable work. Not meeting requirements for certification in the School of Education.
F Completely unacceptable work.

Most students should expect grades ranging between C+ and B. Students should recognize that effort alone does not necessarily guarantee above average grades, since grades are assigned on the basis of the overall quality of a students work.

** The School of Education does not recognize a grade of A+.

Pass/Fail Option
Within certain restrictions, students in good standing may choose to take some elective courses or general education courses on a Pass/Fail basis. Instructor approval is not needed for the student to take a course Pass/Fail.

There are two restrictions to the Pass/Fail option:

  1. The Pass/Fail option may not be used for any course in a subject in which the student wishes to be certified to teach. That is, all courses in the teaching area (or supporting areas) and all professional education courses must be taken for a letter grade. No courses identified to meet unit expectations for communication and quantitative reasoning may be Pass/Fail. Elementary education majors may use the Pass/Fail option only for credit hours over and above the minimum hours required in literature, fine arts, science, or social studies. Secondary and all-grade license candidates may use the Pass/Fail option only for elective credit hours, or for courses that satisfy the general education requirements.
  2. A maximum of two courses per academic year may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. The academic year begins in the fall and includes the following year’s summer sessions.

The grade of Pass (P) is assigned no grade points and is not considered in computing the grade point average. A grade of P may not subsequently be changed to a letter grade. A grade of Fail (F) received in a course taken with the Pass/Fail option is entered on the transcript, treated as a regular letter grade, and used in computing the grade point average.

The decision to take a class Pass/Fail must be made on or before the end of the first three weeks of class during the regular semester, and on or before the end of the first two weeks in a summer session. Check the Schedule of Classes for the exact dates. Appropriate forms are available at Education Student Services, ES 3131, and must be signed by the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

Incomplete (I) Grades
If a student is not in attendance during the last several weeks of a semester, the instructor may report a grade of Incomplete (I) (indicating that the work submitted is satisfactory but that the entire course has not been completed) if the instructor has reason to believe that the absence was beyond the students control. If this is not a valid assumption, the instructor shall record a grade based on the work submitted to date.

The student must have completed 75 percent of the course requirements and must have an I grade contract completed and on file. The time allowed for the removal of an I grade is one calendar year from the date of its initial recording, unless, in exceptional circumstances, the School of Education authorizes adjustment of this period. By assigning a grade of I, an instructor implicitly authorizes and requires that the registrar automatically change an I to an F at the end of the appropriate time period if the student fails to complete the course work to the instructors satisfaction. Both the student and the instructor in whose course the student received the Incomplete will be notified of this change of grade. Students receiving an incomplete in block courses cannot move forward in the program until all work is completed and the incomplete has been changed to a grade of "C" or higher.

Withdrawal (W) from Courses
Withdrawal is not a grade and does not figure in hours of credit or grade point average (GPA) calculations. However, students should be aware that a pattern of repeated withdrawals may affect admission to Teacher Education, student teaching placement, financial aid, and/or eventual employment.

A student must refer to the Schedule of Classes to determine the last date for an automatic W from a class for each semester or summer session. The Schedule is available online at registrar.iupui.edu. After the automatic withdrawal date has passed, the instructor and the Assistant Dean of Student Services make a determination whether to assign a W or an F.

Ordinarily the only acceptable reason for withdrawal is illness or obligation of employment. Students withdrawing from a class during the second half of a regular semester or summer session may be assigned a W only for compelling nonacademic reasons, and only if the students work up to that point is passing. Otherwise, the instructor may elect to assign a grade of "F."

Any student withdrawing from a block course after the beginning of the fourth week of classes or dropping block courses during two or more semesters must appeal to the School of Education Appeals Committee to re-enter the program. Readmission is not automatic.

It is the students responsibility to start the withdrawal procedure by getting the form from Education Student Services and securing the appropriate signatures. The application for withdrawal must be processed within 10 days of its receipt.

Important: Students withdrawing from a course to which a Laboratory/Field Experience is linked must withdraw from the Field Experience as well as from the course itself; such withdrawal is not automatic. Failure to withdraw from both sections may result in a grade of F in the Laboratory/Field Experience. Students are cautioned that withdrawing from courses my jeopardize their financial aid.