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Student Teaching
All interns complete student teaching assignments in two school settings. For elementary education majors, student teaching will comprise two eight-week placements, the first in Block IIIB and the second in Block IVB. Elementary majors will complete one primary placement and another intermediate placement.

In the secondary programs, the student teaching requirement will be met by consecutive eight-week placements in a middle school and high school setting during Block IV if
Students completing a program leading to an all-grades license should consult with their major advisor about the logistics of the student teaching placements.

Eligibility Requirements for Student Teaching
To be eligible for student teaching, a student must have

  1. Been admitted to the Teacher Education Program and be in good standing.
  2. Submitted an application for Student Teaching with the Teacher Education Program application (secondary-all-grade majors only).
  3. Passing scores on the Block I Rubric and Block II performance task and no issues outstanding.
  4. Senior or graduate standing in the university or be within two semesters and one summer session of graduation. (In no case should a student have competed fewer than 84 credit hours prior to the semester in which the student teaching and/or practicum is to be done.)
  5. Completed at least three-fourths of the credit hours required for licensing in the teaching area(s).
  6. Completed all professional education and education technology courses within 10 years and attained a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 in all professional education courses with a minimum grade of C in each professional education course.
  7. Earned a minimum overall GPA of 2.50 at Indiana University.
  8. Passed the appropriate Pearson Core test prior to starting student teaching (secondary and all-grade programs)

Application for Student Teaching
All students must complete an application for Student Teaching. All students apply for student teaching when they apply to the Teacher Education Program.