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Education Partnerships and Student Advocacy (EPSA)

The Office of Educational Partnerships and Student Advocacy (EPSA) is dedicated to creating partnerships both on and off campus and providing quality programs and services that empower students and their families to become engaged members of the IUPUI community throughout their college experience.

EPSA provides programs and services in:

  • Student advocate:   provides support for and help students navigate through the following; appeals, grade changes, withdrawals, complaints, financial aid, fee disputes, clarifying university policies and procedures, conflict mediation, community referrals, campus referrals and much more.  http://studentaffairs.iupui.edu/student-rights/student-advocate/index.shtml.
  • Parent and Family Programs:  informs parents and family members of what to expect during the student transition, so they can play an active role in supporting their student through the college experience.  Through the many programs and resources created, parents & families will be prepared to help their student be successful while being connected to the IUPUI community.  Join the Jaguar Family Association by signing up on our website. http://studentaffairs.iupui.edu/parents-families
  • First Year Programs:  assists new students with making connections on campus and in the community, developing leadership skills, developing a sense of identity and understanding and valuing diversity.  Through a variety of programs such as Week of Welcome, students will begin to engage in co-curricular learning opportunities that will deepen their sense of campus pride and overall commitment to IUPUI. http://studentaffairs.iupui.edu/involved/first-year-programs
  • Off-Campus Student Services:  serves our students living off campus and commuting. We offer a variety of services and programs to our commuter student population to allow them to be successful throughout their college experience.  We will serve as a liaison between the property managers, landlords and the students, faculty and staff.  Check out the website for educational information on rental requirements, rental checklist, tenant and landlord rights, how to stay safe and party right, roommate conflicts, and general tips for living off campus. http://studentaffairs.iupui.edu/campus-living/off-campus-services

For more information on any of these programs/services please visit the Student Life Suite on the third floor of the Campus Center in Suite 350, visit the website at: http://studentaffairs.iupui.edu  or call 317-274-3699.