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IUPUI Administration

• Nasser Paydar, IU Executive Vice President and Chancellor, Indiana University-Purdue
  University Indianapolis
• Kathy Johnson, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
• Simon Atkinson, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research
• Camy Broeker, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
• Amy Warner, Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement
• Tralicia Powell Lewis, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
• Karen Dace, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Stephen Hundley, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and
  Special Advisor to the Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives
• Christine Fiitzpatrick, Chief of Staff
• Dee Metaj, IU Foundation Vice President for Development at IUPUI
• Trudy W. Banta, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Academic Planning and Evaluation
• Jeffrey Dean, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor
• Kody Varahramyan, Senior Aide to the Chancellor
• Becky Wood, Assistant to the Chancellor for Communications
• Larry Richards, Interim Vice Chancellor and Dean, Indiana University-Purdue University

Indiana University Administration

• Michael A. McRobbie, President of Indiana University
• Nasser Paydar, Executive Vice President and Chancellor, Indiana University-Purdue
  University Indianapolis
• Lauren Robel, Executive Vice President and Provost, Indiana University Bloomington
• Jay L. Hess, Vice President for University Clinical Affairs, Indiana University School of
• Thomas A. Morrison, Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities
• Jacqueline A. Simmons, Vice President and General Counsel
• James C. Wimbush, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs
• David Zaret, Vice President for International Affairs
• Fred Cate, Vice President for Research
• Mike Sample, Vice President for Government Relations
• William B. Stephan, Vice President for Engagement
• Bradley C. Wheeler, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information
• John Applegate, J.D., Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs
• Mary Frances McCourt, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
• Fred Glass, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
• Kathryn Cruz-Uribe, Chancellor of Indiana University East
• Vicky L. Carwein, Chancellor of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
• Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo
• William Lowe, Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest
• Terry L. Allison, Chancellor of Indiana University South Bend
• Ray Wallace, Chancellor of Indiana University Southeast

Purdue Administration

• Mitchell E. Daniels, President of Purdue University
• Gina DelSanto, Chief of Staff
• Steven Schultz, Chief Legal Counsel
• Victor Lechtenberg, Special Assistant to the President
• Deba Dutta, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity
• Frank Dooley, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
• Pam Horne, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions
• Beth McCuskey, Vice Provost for Student Life
• Alyssa Panitch, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
• William "Bill" Sullivan, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
• Jim Almond, Senior Vice President for Business Services and Assistant Treasurer
• Trent Klingerman, Vice President for Human Resources
• Michael B. Cline, Vice President for Physical Facilities
• Suresh Garimella, Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships
• Tomas Diaz de la Rubia, Senior Associate Vice President for Research, Chief Scientist,
  and Executive Director of Discovery Park
• Dan Hasler, Chief Entrepreneurial Officer and President of the Purdue Research
• Morgan Burke, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
• Julie Griffith, Vice President for Public Affairs
• Gerry McCartney, Vice President for Information Technology and University Chief
  Information Officer
• James B. Dworkin, Ph.D., Chancellor of Purdue University-North Central
• Thomas L. Keon, Ph.D., Chancellor of Purdue University-Calumet
• Amy Noah, Vice President for Development
• Alysa Christmas Rollock, Vice President for Ethics and Compliance