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Minor in Criminal Justice Accounting

Any Indiana University students enrolled in a Kelley School of Business baccalaureate program pursuing the accounting major may pursue the minor in criminal justice accounting. Students who successfully complete the requirements will have the minor conferred with their degree.

Students must apply for the minor during their final term prior to graduating. The undergraduate graduation application form can be found online: http://www.spea.iupui.edu/students/forms/undergraduate-graduation-application.php. Students are also encouraged to declare their intent to minor by contacting SPEA Student Services.

Curriculum (5 Courses/15 credit hours)

Required courses: 

  • SPEA-J 101- The American Criminal Justice System (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-J 301- Substantive Criminal Law (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-J 303 – Evidence (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-J 320 – Criminal Investigation (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-J 322 or FIS 20500 – Introduction to Criminalistics or Introduction to Forensic Science (3 cr.)

A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above is required, in all course work, credited toward the minor.