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Degree Programs

Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) helps students with a desire to change the world prepare for careers that change the world.

Created to address the complex issues that face society today - issues on field of study alone can't solve - SPEA integrates business, government, the social and physical sciences.

As a SPEA student, you learn how people and organizations work together toward the greater good. You also get a versatile "go-anywhere" degree that can lead to jobs and careers in public service, business, and government.

At SPEA, a better world starts with you.


For more information about the above majors visit spea.iupui.edu/students/checksheets/index.php. This will provide you a link to the Degree Planning Sheet and 4 year degree map.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (B.S.C.J.) may major in Criminal Justice or Public Safety Management. Criminal Justice students learn to protect communities and their citizens.

  • Students majors in Criminal Justice study law enforcement, the judicial system, corrections and national security.
  • Students who major in Public Safety Management focus on large-scale disaster preparedness, homeland security and delivery of lifesaving services including fire fighting, emergency medical services and disaster recovery.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (B.S.P.A.) may major in Civic Leadership, Media and Public Affairs, Management, Policy Studies, or Sustainable Management and Policy. Public Affairs majors focus on how we provide for our citizen, making our communities better places to live, work and raise a family. Public Affairs students study and analyze government policies, and learn how to manage government and nonprofit organizations.

  • A Civic Leadership major teaches students how individuals and organizations can work together to provide for their communities. Graduates often work in public service roles - leading businesses, nonprofit organizations or government agencies. This major is ideal for pre-law student, or students interested in advocacy or community leadership.
  • Media and Public Affairs gives students an in-depth understanding of governance plus the skills needed to use today's media to communicate to customers, constituents, employees, supporters, opponents and the many other audiences involved in shaping effective public policy. Students who major in Media and Public Affairs will be prepared for careers as public information officers; government affairs personnel for private or nonprofit organizations; public administrators at the local, state, and federal level; lobbyists; representatives of trade organizations; and reporters for various media on the subjects of public affairs, public administration, public policy personnel and decisions. This major teaches anyone who intends to go in to management (public, private or nonprofit) or who will work in the policy area, when and how to deploy traditional and new media tools to achieve their goals.
  • A Management major teaches some of the things you'd learn in a business school, but you get the additional benefit of leaning how public agencies and nonprofit organizations operate. This holistic approach helps graduates move seamlessly between business, nonprofit and government management roles.
  • A Policy Studies major prepares students to analyze and assess the usefulness of existing and proposed laws. This major emphasizes critical thinking skills. Graduates often go on to law school or directly into positions in government or government relations.
  • A Sustainable Management and Policy major gives students  a solid understanding of public affairs, finance, policy-making and civic engagement, combined with specialized classes in the principles of sustainability, environmental justice and green technologies. Graduates of the program will find employment in the growing field of sustainability by assuming community and government roles, working for environmental nonprofit groups, owning or managing “green” businesses, and conducting research and legislative analysis. This major is also an excellent choice for a pre-law student.