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Certificate Programs
Master of Library Science - Nonprofit Management

The Dual-MLS/SPEA NPMC is designed for students who are enrolled in the MLS program and wish to obtain organizational management skills through the SPEA certificate. The Dual-MLS/SPEA Nonprofit Management Certificate program is designed to serve the needs of individuals who would like exposure to nonprofit sector and nonprofit management issues but who do not wish or need to pursue a degree in nonprofit management.

Admission Eligibility

General criteria for all SLIS dual programs:

  • Apply and meet admission requirements for both degrees; prefer within the same academic year
  • Meet requirements of SLIS L401 Computer-Based Information Tools.
  • Complete a minimum of 30 graduate SLIS credits, including courses to meet the MLS core areas, and special SLIS electives as noted.
  • May complete up to six credits in internship if a dual master's degree.
  • The two degrees (or certificate) are awarded simultaneously.
  • Dual programs are campus-based for advising and award. Up to 12 SLIS graduate credits may be taken outside the Indianapolis campus which may include courses from the Bloomington campus and up to six graduate credits from another ALA-accredited program leading to the MLS.
  • The second degree or certificate granted with the MLS is subject to the individual unit requirements and specific electives as approved by that unit.

An online application and information may be obtained from the Web site; materials are also available from the Graduate Program Office. Students should apply to both programs, preferably within the same academic year. Application deadlines for the SPEA certificate programs are May 15 for the fall semester, September 15 for the spring semester, and March 15 for summer sessions. Students must pay a nonrefundable application fee.

Certificate Requirements (42 credit hours)
SLIS (30 credit hours)
  • SLIS-S 505 Organization and Representation of Knowledge (3 cr.) OR SLIS-L 520 Bibliographic Access and Control (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 524 Introduction to Information Sources and Services (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 527 Management of Libraries and Information Centers (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 528 Collection Development and Management (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 550 Management of Specific Library Institutions: Public, Academic, or Special (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 563 Information Policies, Economics and the Law (3 cr.) OR SLIS-L 608 Intellectual Freedom (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 570 Online Information Retrieval (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 628 Government Information (3 cr.) OR SLIS-L 629 Business Information (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 651 Evaluation of Library Sources and Services (3 cr.) OR SLIS-L 509 Research Methods and Statistics (3 cr.)
  • SLIS-L 596 Internship in Library and Information Science: Community Leadership and Management (3 cr.)
SPEA (9 credit hours)
  • SPEA-V 525 Management in the Nonprofit Sector (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-V 526 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations(3 cr.)
  • SPEA-V 522 Human Resources Management in Nonprofit Organizations(3 cr.)
Electives (3 credit hours)

ONE additional SPEA-V course approved by the SPEA Graduate Program Director.