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Probationary Admission

Individuals interested in transferring to IU School of Liberal Arts whose college grade point average is lower than 2.0 (C) may petition the School of Liberal Arts for probationary admission.

Petitions are available from the IU School of Liberal Arts Miriam Z. Langsam Office of Student Affairs, Cavanaugh Hall 401, (317) 274-3976. Transfer students from other colleges or universities should attach a copy of their college transcript. Petitions are reviewed by the School of Liberal Arts Associate Dean and should be submitted by the following deadlines:

  • To enroll for the fall semester: July 15
  • To enroll for the spring semester: November 15
  • To enroll for summer session: April 15

At the discretion of the Associate Dean, the school will ordinarily admit transfer students whose past performance, experience, or current situation show reasonable potential for successfully completing a degree. Such students are counseled through the Miriam Z. Langsam Office of Student Affairs or their major department and remain on probation until their cumulative grade point average is raised to at least 2.0 (C).