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Admission and Academic Policies

The IUPUI Honors College is open to specific scholarship cohorts of incoming freshmen for every major offered at IUPUI. Incoming freshmen students who have completed a rigorous program of study in secondary school, maintained a GPA of 3.75 or better, and have an ACT composite score of 28 or an SAT critical reading and math combined score of 1250 or higher are automatically offered admission to the IUPUI Honors College once they are admitted to IUPUI. This includes all Bepko Scholars and Fellows, Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars, Plater International Scholars, and Chancellor's Scholars.

The IUPUI Honors College offers high-ability incoming freshmen the opportunity to apply for our named scholarships, which include the Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program, the Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarship, and the Plater International Scholars Program. For details on these awards and information on the application process, visit http://honorscollege.iupui.edu/scholarships/. The application deadline for these scholarships is November 15.

All Honors College Scholars are required to complete one Honors course or experience every fall and spring semester. Students may take no more than 6 credit hours of Honors work each semester. Students admitted to the Honors College prior to Fall 2010 are required to complete 18 Honors credits with a minimum Honors and cumulative 3.3 grade point average in order to graduate from IUPUI with Honors. Students admitted Fall 2010 and thereafter are required to complete 24 Honors credits with a minimum Honors and cumulative 3.3 grade point average in order to graduate with Honors.

Honors College Scholars are also required to complete a minimum number of documented volunteer hours each academic year.

Last Updated: February, 2014.