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The vision of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is to be recognized nationally and globally as a leader in health and rehabilitation sciences, and as a provider of excellent health care professionals for the state of Indiana and beyond.


In fulfilling its vision, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences seeks to develop and maintain a scholarly and competent faculty who will provide excellence in:

  • the teaching/learning process for programs in fields related to health professions
  • the advancement of knowledge through research, scholarship, and creative activity
  • the development of lifelong commitment to local, national, and global civic engagement with each of these core activities characterized by collaboration within and across disciplines, the university, and the community, as well as a commitment to diversity, and the pursuit of best practices.
Statement of Values

In fulfilling our mission, we are committed to embracing and demonstrating the following fundamental core values:

Academic Excellence and Student Success

  • Achieving student success through the delivery of high-quality, flexible, accessible, and learning-centered programs and services
  • Evaluating and improving student learning outcomes that reflect the highest academic standards
  • Developing and implementing high quality, flexible, accessible, learning-centerd teaching and learning technologies, methods, and strategies to advance student learning and success
  • Engaging in effective collaborations that provide meaningful involvement of faculty, students, and staff in educational, and local and international service learning opportunities
  • Acknowledging that mutually beneficial relationships are the best method for achieving excellence in community engagement
  • Partnering with internal and external stakeholders in a collegial manner that is consistently professional, respectful, and cordial
Diversity and Inclusion
  • Creating a collegial community that embraces diversity and inclusiveness and works to demonstrate this commitment in our teaching, research, scholarship, and creative activities
  • Treating everyone wtih dignity and appreciating diversity of individuals, ideas, contributions, and expressions
  • Promoting a community that facilitates full and equal access to learning in and outside the classroom
Integrity and Honesty
  • Advancing state-of-the-art of health and rehabilitation sciences through translational research and service
  • Achieving national recognition in teaching, research, scholarship, and creative endeavors
  • Ensuring effective, responsible, equitable and ethical management of all resources, facilities, and spaces
  • Setting high performance expectations and holding ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the results we achieve as individuals and as team members
  • Using best practice to assess the impact of our teaching, service, scholarship, creative activities, as well as administrative and student services
Positive and Conducive Work and Learning Environment
  • Creating a collegial, mutually respectful, and professionally rewarding work and learning environment for faculty, students, and staff
  • Encouraging teamwork and professional development to ensure a high level of competence, expertise, and satisfaction
  • Developing and retaining highly motivated, well-trained staff by rewarding top performers
  • Valuing the contributions of all and engaging in open, civil, and authentic communication