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Contact Information

The School of Science
Science Building, LD 222
402 N. Blackford Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3276

Phone: (317) 274-0625
Fax: (317) 274-0628
E-mail: science@iupui.edu

Contacts for Academic and Student Affairs

Joseph L. Thompson
Executive Director
Academic and Student Affairs
E-mail: jlthomp@iupui.edu

Academic Affairs

Jane R. Williams
Associate Dean
Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
E-mail: jrwillim@iupui.edu

Darryl Newsom
Administrative Specialist
E-mail: danewsom@iupui.edu

Dean Nicholls
Academic Affairs Specialist
E-mail: deannich@iupui.edu

Molly Rondeau
Academic Affairs Coordinator
E-mail: mrondeau@iupui.edu

Rosemarie Temple
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: rtemple@iupui.edu

Undergraduate Student Affairs and Outreach

Natalie K. Mazanowski
Executive Director
Marketing and Public Relations
E-mail: nkmazano@iupui.edu

Eugene Pride III
Associate Director
Enrollment Relations
E-mail: epride@iupui.edu

Diana S. Sims-Harris
Student Affairs
E-mail: dsimshar@iupui.edu

Graduate Student Affairs

David G. Skalnik
Associate Dean
Research and Graduate Education
E-mail: dskalnik@iupui.edu

Mary L. Harden
Executive Director
Research and Graduate Education
E-mail: mharden@iupui.edu

Angel A. Campbell
Administrative Specialist
Research and Graduate Education
E-mail: acampbel@iupui.edu

Pre-Professional and Career Preparation (PREPs)

Willow King Locke
Office of Pre-Professional and Career Preparation (PREPs)
E-mail: wkingloc@iupui.edu

Marcy K. Carlson
Assistant Director
Pre-Professional Advising
E-mail: mkcarlso@iupui.edu

Latoria Thomas-Lee
Assistant Director
Career Advising
E-mail: thomalat@iupui.edu

Communication & Design Coordinator 

Shai Collier
Pre-Professional Advising
E-mail: collisha@iupui.edu