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The Doctorate of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Program participates in the PTCAS program and accepts applications from July 1 through October 1 of each year to begin the program the following fall. Students who have met all admission requirements and rank in the top 80-100 based on academic criteria (cumulative GPA, Math/Science prerequisite GPA, GRE scores) will be invited to an on-campus interview. The interview is mandatory for both in and out of state invited applicants, so please be prepared to make travel arrangements to the IUPUI campus when requested.

International Students

International students should visit iapply.iupui.edu/graduate on the International Affairs website.


Prior to entering the D.P.T. degree program, students must have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and the following prerequisite courses. See the next section, Academic Requirements, for details.

  • Introductory Statistics (1 semester)
  • Human Anatomy (1 semester with lab)*
  • Human Physiology (1 semester with lab)*
  • Chemistry (2 semesters with labs)*
  • Physics (2 semesters with labs)*
  • Introductory Psychology (1 semester)
  • Human Lifespan Development (1 semester)

Applicants will also need Medical Terminology demonstrated with formal coursework, online instruction with certificate of completion.

AP course credit is accepted to meet prerequisite course requirements, although the lack of a letter grade for a prerequisite course may impact the prerequisite GPA calculation.

Online courses are accepted EXCEPT for required science courses with laboratories.

If dual credit courses are being used, they must be recorded on a college transcript with a grade.

*Courses must be at a level for science majors

NOTE: Please consult with an undergraduate academic advisor for appropriate courses and semester sequence.

Academic Requirements

The following criteria must be met by the application deadline.

  1. Enrollment in the final year or completion of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Completion of all prerequisites or no more than two prerequisites remaining for completion.
  3. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.2.
  4. A math/science GPA of 3.2.
    • Includes grades earned in chemistry, physics, human anatomy, human physiology, and statistics.
  5. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
    • Visit the GRE website at www.ets.org/gre
    • You must select PTCAS Institution Code 7692 to receive your test results and share with the program.
  6. Completion of Personal Essay included in the PTCAS online application for admission.
  7. Completion of 40 clinical observation hours or work experience recorded on the PTCAS online application.
  • Must be from both inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • A minimum of 20 hours is required in each setting.
  • Additional hours are encouraged.
Application Information

The D.P.T. program at IUPUI participates in the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service, known as PTCAS.  The program uses a centralized application service in addition to the required IUPUI Graduate application.  To learn more about the PTCAS application process, please visit the PTCAS web site at www.ptcas.org.

Submit application and supplemental materials July 1 through October 1 to be considered.

Applicants are evaluated for admission based upon:

  • cumulative GPA
  • math/science GPA
  • prerequisite grades
  • GRE scores
  • observational hours
  • personal statement
  • admission interview

Significance is given to overall GPA and verbal GRE scores.

Alternate List

Applicants not admitted to the class may be placed upon an alternate list and will be considered should a place in the program become available. 

  1. Applicants with no more than two (2) course prerequisites in progress may also apply for contingent admission to begin classes in fall semester.
  2. Applicant's baccalaureate degree must be completed by June 15. No waivers or exceptions will be granted by the physical therapy program.
  3. All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of "C" or better (2.00 on a 4.00 scale).
  4. All applicants must have taken the GRE no more than 5 years prior to application.
  5. Applicants will be allowed to apply one AP credit course toward the completion of their prerequisite requirements. If the AP course is a math/science prerequisite, GPA calculations will be obtained by omitting that specific course.
  6. For applicants for non-native English speakers, a minimum TOEFL score of 628P, 267C, or 113i is required at the time of application. This policy is waived if the applicant has received an undergraduate degree from an accredited school in the United States by time of entrance into the program.
Observational Experience

In addition to prerequisite course work, students must complete observational, volunteer or other work experiences in both inpatient (hospital based) and outpatient physical therapy settings (minimum of 20 hours in each). This allows the applicant to appreciate the differences in physical therapists' responsibilities in each setting. Each experience must be of sufficient length of time to enable the supervising physical therapist to adequately verify your experiences.

Applicants will enter all paid or volunteer PT observation hours on the PTCAS application. Verification is required of observation hours reported, this can be completed via electronic PT signatures or paper PT signatures as part of the PTCAS application process, details below:

Electronic PT Signatures (strongly preferred)
  1. Select the "ELECTRONIC" verification type.
  2. Enter the e-mail address for the P.T.
  3. After entering the experience, click the "SEND FOR VERIFICATION" button for that entry from your list of experiences.
  4. Alert the P.T. to watch for an automated e-mail with the subject "PTCAS Observation Hour Verification Request".
  5. If PTCAS e-mail is not received, instruct the P.T. to check spam/junk e-mail folders as some e-mail servers filter out messages from PTCAS.
Paper PT Signatures

Use this option if the physical therapist does not have Internet access or previously verified your hours on a different form (e.g., the IU D.P.T. Clinical Observation Experience form).

  1. Select the "PAPER" verification type.
  2. Print the PTCAS observation hours verification form (PDF) for that particular experience.
  3. Each bar-coded form is unique to both you and the physical therapist.
  4. Deliver the form to the physical therapist.
  5. Arrange for the signed form to be mailed to PTCAS.

If the physical therapist previously signed a different form (IU D.P.T.Clinical Observation Experience form)  to verify your hours, attach it to the PTCAS verification form and send both forms to PTCAS in a single envelope.Send only one signed form per experience, regardless of the number of programs you designate.

Additional instructions are available on the PTCAS website.

Medical Requirements

Basic immunizations as determined by IUPUI Campus Health must be completed by the first day of classes. Students must demonstrate proof of health insurance prior to entry into the Program and must maintain health insurance throughout their enrollment. List of basic immunizations include:

  • Hepatitis B+ (3 vaccines)
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap required)
  • TB Skin Test (completed within 3 months of beginning fall courses)
  • Varicella (adequate titer, 2 vaccines, laboratory proof)
  • Polio

Students are required to provide results from a 10-panel drug test.


Credit hour rate for 2014-2015 is $502.80 for in-state residents and $966.60 for out-of-state residents. Total tuition-only cost for in-state residents is $53,296.80 and for out-of-state residents $102,459.60. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required at the time the student accepts admission into the program. This deposit will be credited to the student's first semester tuition if the student matriculates into the program. The deposit will not be refunded if the student chooses not to attend the program after accepting the offer of admission.

Application Materials

Please read the directions below carefully and thoroughly. The majority of application materials will be submitted to PTCAS; however, there are two supplemental materials that are to be submitted directly to the IU D.P.T. Program.

Materials to be submitted to PTCAS
  • PTCAS application and fee.
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended.
  • Official GRE scores (less than 5 years old) to PTCAS Institutional Code: 7692.
  • Reporting of observation hours (see the section Observational Experience).
  • Personal Essay.
  • IU D.P.T. program custom questions (2 total).
  • NO references required.

Arrange for your PTCAS materials to be sent to the address below no later than October 1:

Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service
PO Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471

Materials submitted directly to the IU D.P.T. program

Please use the information below for successful IUPUI application submission:

  • Under "Intended Program and Plan" select the following:
    • What type of degree do you intend to pursue: Doctoral/Ph.D.
    • Academic Program: Health and Rehabilitation Professional
    • Academic Plan: Physical Therapy D.P.T.
    • Are you applying to a dual degree program: No
    • Term: please select Fall of the year of program entry
    • Recommendation, skip this section, the observation verifications replace letters on PTCAS. 
    • Personal Statement, skip this section, included in PTCAS.


Arrange for your IU D.P.T. materials to be sent to the address below no later than October 1.

 IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

ATTN: Director of Student Enrollment Services
1140 West Michigan Street, CF 120
Indianapolis, IN 46202

*If you have any difficulty completing the IU Graduate Application, please contact:

Director of Student Enrollment Services
(317) 274-7238

Admission to the professional program is competitive and completion of the application process, as well as invitation to the admission interview, does not guarantee admission to the program. Students accepted into the D.P.T. program must complete all specific admission requirements.