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Classical Studies, Ancient Greek and Latin

The Minor in Classical Studies consists of at least 15 credit hours in classical archaeology, classical civilization, ancient Greek, Latin, or related courses approved by the Program Coordinator (a minimum of 6 credit hours must be taken on the IUPUI campus). Students may wish to design concentration areas of particular interest (e. g., classical art and archaeology, or Greek or Roman civilization).

At least 6 credit hours must be taken at the 300 level or higher; no more than 3 credit hours of ancient Greek or Latin at the 100 level may be counted. Up to 6 credit hours may be taken in related fields, including History C386, C388, and Philosophy P307.

Minors in ancient Greek or Latin should include at least 12 credit hours in the language at the 200 level or higher, and 3 credit hours in a related culture or history course. Students interested in graduate study in classical studies are encouraged to learn to read French and German prior to beginning graduate work.