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College Credit

Students have the following options for earning Honors credit: complete an Honors course, complete an Honors Contract, engage in research or independent study, or take a graduate course as an undergraduate student. In addition, students may receive Honors credit for participating in a credit-approved study abroad experience; the Honors College provides a one-time stipend to Honors College Scholars who choose to study abroad for credit.  Students must complete and submit applicable paperwork to the Honors College office in order to earn Honors credit for all options other than an Honors course. All students must contact the Honors College Director of Academic Affairs in order to obtain authorization to register for an Honors course with the exception of chemistry courses. Students should contact the chemistry department to request authorization for those courses.

Honors Courses are offered with limited enrollment designed specifically for Honors students to facilitate more substantive interaction between students and the faculty member.  Course offerings vary from semester to semester.  You will find a current list of available courses on the Registrar’s website each semester by clicking on the Honors link under Special Course Listings.

Honors Contracts may be completed by an Honors Scholar and his/her professor to create a special Honors section for a regular course.  The Honors Contract, the most common method for earning Honors credit, enables qualified students to engage in Honors work in regular courses by working with the faculty member to create a special Honors project. The student who enters into an Honors Contract with a faculty member will engage in work beyond what is required for a regular undergraduate course, and the course will be designated as taken for Honors credit on the student’s transcript. Honors Contract forms must be submitted to the Honors College office no later than the end of the third week of classes during fall and spring semesters and by the end of the first week of classes during summer sessions. 

For more information about earning Honors credit, please visit the Honors College website at http://www.honorscollege.iupui.edu/academics/courses/.

Current IUPUI students who are not in the Honors College but have at least a 3.5 GPA may be allowed to complete an Honors course or experience with permission from the Honors College. Interested students should discuss this option with their academic advisor and then contact the Honors College Director of Academic Affairs for authorization prior to registration.

Continuing and transfer students may apply for admission to the IUPUI Honors College through admission to Honors Programs in the following Schools at IUPUI:

The Kelley School of Business
Kelley Honors Program

The School of Nursing
BSN Nursing Honors Program

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs
SPEA Honors Program

The School of Science
Science Honors Program

Last Updated: February, 2014.