Undergraduate Programs

Labor Studies Degree Program

Self-Acquired Competency

Self-Acquired Competency (SAC) can be awarded for learning gained outside of the university setting, such as learning derived from union activities.  Students must demonstrate and document that their learning is equivalent to college-level material.  To be considered for SAC, students must:

  • Be admitted to the Labor Studies Program and have successfully completed four Labor Studies credit hours before applying for SAC.
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Prepare an extensive portfolio under the guidance of a faculty member.
  • Be interviewed and approved by two Labor Studies faculty.
  • Pay tuition for the academic credit awarded.
Credit for Prior Learning

Students entering the Labor Studies Program may be awarded academic credit for previous college-level learning and life experience. The general guidelines for awarding credit for prior learning are as follows:

Bachelor of Science Degree

Up to 30 credit hours may be awarded for Self-Acquired Competency in courses such as the following:

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Grievance Representation
  • Leadership and Representation
Associate of Science Degree

Up to 15 credit hours may be awarded for Self-Acquired Competency.

Applying Credit for Prior Learning

Military or law enforcement training may count for up to 6 credit hours upon submitting the proper documentation.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) can be taken in a variety of subjects.  Credits will be awarded to students based on Indiana University guidelines.

Several non-collegiate educational programs, which appear in The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs, will be seriously considered.

Previously awarded credits within the IU system is honored by the Labor Studies Program.

Transfer of Credit

Credit earned at other institutions will be evaluated by the appropriate Indiana University admissions office.  If the course work is in the field of Labor Studies, it will be evaluated by the Labor Studies Program.