Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Physical Education, students will demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. Knowledge and skills needed to conduct original research within the area of kinesiology and/or to enter a program to earn an advanced degree in kinesiology or related fields.
  2. Communicate the knowledge of kinesiology across disciplines and translate it to the general public.
  3. Think critically and creatively to evaluate literature in the field of kinesiology.
  4. Apply ethics within the field of kinesiology.

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Event Tourism, students will know and be able to:

  1. Develop, synthesize and execute principles of event tourism through research.
  2. Conduct research in an ethical and responsible manner.
  3. Demonstrate best practices in event tourism research.
  4. Interpret and appraise event tourism sustainability critically and reflectively.
  5. Examine and predict event tourism industry trends.
  6. Communicate effectively with stakeholders, including tourism professionals and the general public.
  7. Work productively with persons from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  8. Practice a sense of community and civic mindedness.

Last updated January 2012