Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

BSN School Requirements

There are three (3) distinct tracks in the BSN program. Students in each track must complete the same program outcomes and requirements. A description of each track follows.

Sample Curriculum Plan (Traditional Track)

In general, the traditional track has been designed for students beginning their academic studies on the IUB, IUPUC, or IUPUI campus. This track requires a minimum of four academic years to complete. The baccalaureate curriculum is subject to continuous evaluation and revision. If curriculum changes occur, updated information can be obtained from the academic counselor. The following is an example of a full-time plan of study. On the IUPUI campus it is expected that students follow this published plan to facilitate their ability to meet course application requirements. Each student will develop, with the assistance of an academic advisor, an individual plan of study that reflects student need, student choices, availability of courses, and specific campus expectations.
Freshman Year**
First-Semester Courses Credits
W131 English Composition 3
B104 or B105 Introduction to Psychology 3
Critical / Analytical Cluster 3
Communications Cluster 3
Cultural Diversity Cluster 3
Total Credits 15

Second-Semester Courses Credits
N261 Human Anatomy 5
M118 Finite Math 3
R100 Introduction to Sociology 3
Humanistic Appreciation 3
Total Credits 14

Sophomore Year
Third-Semester Courses Credits
N217 Human Physiology 5
B231 Communication for Health-Care Professionals 3
B232 Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing: Theory, Practice, Research 3
B244/B245 Comprehensive Health Assessment 4
Total Credits 15
Fourth-Semester Courses Credits
J210 Microbiology & Immunology 4
B230 Developmental Issues & Health 4
B233 Health & Wellness 4
B248/B249 Science & Technology of Nursing 4
Total Credits 16

Junior Year
Fifth-Semester Courses Credits
H351/H352 Alterations in Neuro-Psychological Health 5
H353/H354 Alterations in Health I 5
H355 Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Health-Care Research 3
Cultural Diversity Cluster 3
Total Credits 16
Sixth-Semester Courses Credits
H361/H362 Alterations in Health II 5
H363/H364 The Developing Family & Child 7
H365 Nursing Research 3
Social Competence Cluster 3
Total Credits 18

Senior Year
Seventh-Semester Courses
S470/S471 Restorative Health Related to Multi-System Failures 5
S472/S473 A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community 5
S474 Applied Health-Care Ethics 3
Open Elective (nursing or general-education) 3
Total Credits 16

Eighth-Semester Courses  Credits
S481/S482 Nursing Management/Nursing Management Practicum 5
S483 Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone 3
S484 Research Utilization Seminar 1
S485 Professional Growth and Empowerment 3
Open Elective (nursing or general-education) 3
Total Credits 15

**Successful completion of high school chemistry, and Algebra 1 and 2 required.

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