Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON) is leading with excellence in research and education, powered by innovation and partnerships.


The IUSON exists to lead the "knowledge work" of nurses of today and tomorrow to positively influence the health of communities served by: inspiring learning through excellence in teaching; creating and advancing knowledge through science and research; shaping care through evidence-based practices; innovations and partnerships; and appreciating, developing, and recognizing faculty, staff, and students.

Strategic Goals for 2012 - 2014

  1. Advance IUSON's reputation as a national leader in educational research, evidence-based practices, and progressive educational programs. (Teaching Excellence)
  2. Position IUSON as a nationally renowned leader in research and knowledge development. (Research Excellence)
  3. Develop new and sustain existing partnerships to support innovations in education and research that address current and future challenges in global health care and health professions education. (Innovations and Partnership)
  4. Integrate the school's core values into the culture of the organization. (Recognition)
  5. Acquire, allocate, and effectively manage resources to support the work of faculty, staff, and students. (Resources)

Core Values


Statement by the Dean

Since its founding in 1914, Indiana University School of Nursing has grown into one of the largest schools of nursing in the country. The school holds an excellent national reputation for nursing education with expert faculty. Nationally, our graduate programs are ranked fifteenth overall with two tracks in the top 10, and we are ranked twelfth in National Institutes of Health research funding. At IUSON we offer the full range of academic degrees, from undergraduate through doctoral levels, as well as postdoctoral research training and extensive lifelong education. We are committed to your career preparation. Our more than 26,000 graduates are chief nursing officers of large health facilities, deans of nursing schools, clinical specialists, advanced practice nurses, entrepreneurs, and staff nurses in urban and rural settings around Indiana and throughout the world.

Faced with the challenges of changing health care delivery, nurses will be called on to lead in areas never dreamed of by earlier generations. Know that the talented faculty members of Indiana University are committed to helping you realize your professional aspirations in every career transition that you undertake, and to enable you to seize your own preferred future. Indiana University School of Nursing has forged strong links between nursing education and nursing services in clinical and community settings in order to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities. We welcome you and invite you to become a part of our extended IU family.

Departmental Mission

Adult Health: The mission of the Department of Adult Health is to focus on the generation, utilization, and dissemination of knowledge related to the health care of adults while preparing nurses to provide high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

Environments for Health:Consistent with the vision and mission of the School of Nursing, faculty in the Department of Environments for Health facilitate student learning by creating, applying, and transferring their unique knowledge and skills in the areas of psychiatric nursing, nursing administration, community health nursing, nursing informatics, and nursing education.

Family Health: The Department of Family Health Nursing focuses on the care of people and their families across the life span. The department's vision arises from the broader tripartite mission of the university, the school, and the Core Campus: teaching, scholarship, and service. We embrace these essential values:

  • The community is the context for our care of families.

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration promotes better health care.

  • Nursing of families requires a life span approach.

  • Students, clients, communities, and faculty participate in connecting conversations.

  • We value diversity in family constellations.

  • Our practice is grounded in health as families define it.

The Department of Family Health Nursing seeks to be known for:

  • Faculty clinical excellence

  • Superior and innovative teaching

  • Community partnerships

  • Nurturing environments for students

  • Research and scholarship in health promotion and family health

Last updated February 14, 2012