Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Accelerated BSN Track

The Accelerated BSN Track facilitates students holding a minimum of a baccalaureate degree in an area other than nursing who now wish to earn a bachelor of science in nursing degree. The Accelerated BSN Track allows those with a bachelor’s degree to apply general-education course work toward the completion of the BSN degree if prior general-education course work meets the general-education requirements for this degree. This track is currently offered on the IUPUI campus.

The Accelerated BSN Track requires a commitment to a full-time study plan that will be completed in an 18‑month time frame. In order to graduate in the 18 month time frame, one must be dedicated to a full-time study plan for those 18 months. This particular track meets the entire calendar year including summer. An understanding of this time commitment is important, as there is very little ability to adjust for absences or lateness in this track. At the completion of the program, graduates will receive an Indiana University BSN degree and will be eligible to sit for the Registered Nurse Licensure Examination.

Sample Curriculum Plan (Accelerated Track)

Semester I Credits
B232 Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing 3
B233 Health and Wellness 3
B244/B245 Comprehensive Health Assessment 4
B248/B249 Science and Technology of Nursing 4
Total Credits 14
Semester II Credits
H351/H352 Alterations in Neuro-Psychological Health 5
H353/H354 Alterations in Health I 5
S474 Applied Health-Care Ethics 3
Total Credits 13
Semester III Credits
H361/H362 Alterations in Health II 5
H363/H364 The Developing Family and Child 7
H365 Nursing Research 3
Total Credits 15
Semester IV Credits
S472/S473 Health of the Community 5
S470/S471 Restorative Health 5
Total Credits 10
Semester V Credits
S481/S482 Nursing Management 5
S483 Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone 3
S484 Research Utilization Seminar 1
S485 Professional Growth and Empowerment 3
Total Credits 12

Last updated February 15, 2012