Undergraduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (B.A.)

Students completing the International Studies B.A. program will achieve the following:

  • Communicate
  • at an intermediate-advanced level competency in a modern foreign language at a level that goes beyond that required for general graduation from the School of Liberal Arts.
  • Fulfill
  • the International component of the RISE initiative by studying abroad.
  • Demonstrate
  • detailed familiarity with a specific geographical region of the world;
  • detailed familiarity with a specific thematic focus within the field of International Studies; and
  • effective speaking and presentation skills.;
  • Recognize
  • and distinguish among various disciplinary approaches (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, etc.) within the interdisciplinary field of International Studies and
  • understand and respect the complexity of socio-cultural diversity around the world.
  • Appreciate
  • and value the benefits of a multi- or inter-disciplinary approach to the acquisition of knowledge.;
  • Identify
  • the diversity of actors prevalent in the contemporary international community and understand how they relate to one another.
  • Locate
  • use and cite appropriate academic sources in their written coursework.