Undergraduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (B.A.)

Students completing the Anthropology Bachelor of Arts program will achieve the following:

  • Anthropological Diversity
  • All students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the broad Anthropological scope of the human condition with respect to cultural, biological, linguistic, and material diversity.
  • Anthropological Research Methods
  • Students will demonstrate ability to formulate an anthropological research question and design a research proposal using appropriate anthropological research methods.
  • Engaged Research Skills
  • Students will carry out research in collaboration with an agency, organization or external mentor, articulate the ethical implications of such research partnerships, and understand the goals of the scholarly project for academics and community partners alike.
  • Communication
  • Students will demonstrate cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Anthropological Writing
  • Students must write a research paper or report that frames a concrete problem in anthropological terms.