Undergraduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies (B.A.)

Students completing the Africana Studies Bachelor of Arts program will achieve the following:

  • Know
  • about a) the general experiences of people of African descent in the United States, the continent of Africa, the Caribbean, South and Central America as well as other areas of the African diaspora and b) and b) the major social, cultural, and historical events, phenomena and figures of Africana life and experience and
  • about the major texts, theories and schools of thought comprising Africana Studies as a discipline, as well as the contemporary issues that face peoples of African descent.
  • Understand
  • the intellectual and societal origins, purposes, and challenges of Africana Studies as an academic discipline, including its connections to the historical and present experiences of peoples of African descent.
  • Be able to
  • competently demonstrate appropriate methods of inquiry grounded in critical race theory or an African-centered analytical framework to investigate and evaluate topics, texts, artistic productions, events, or phenomena pertaining to the experiences of Africana peoples and
  • effectively demonstrate an ability to research, organize, and produce a well-written paper, or audio-visual project on a selected topic or artistic production, event, or phenomena pertaining to the experiences of Africana people.